Yacht Rental Fees – How much is the daily yacht rental price?

  •  09/03/2020
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Yacht Rental Fees – How much is the daily yacht rental price?

The good news: Yacht rental pricing is easy to grasp the basics. And that could help you more accurately predict the cost of your next lifetime holiday. A few questions you might consider:

  • What is the average tariff cost?
  • What do rental fees include?
  • Why do rates sometimes include food, drink and fuel, but sometimes it does not include?
  • Which additional fees can I expect to pay?
    After all, the cost of renting a yacht depends on a number of factors, such as yacht type, rental target, local taxes and basic cost. (If the yacht has a famous owner, it can contribute to the cost.)

Therefore, yacht rentals have a wide range of base prices. If you rent regularly or book for the first time, you will find an indispensable guide for the cost of yacht rental. Don’t worry, let’s take it step by step.

Yacht Rental Price Structure: “All Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses”

There are two types of crewed yacht rental services available in the yachting world – “All Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses” rental experiences. What exactly do these terms mean? Here’s a brief look:

All Inclusive Yacht Rental – Some companies offer all-inclusive prices. This means that prices depend on the number of guests and include all food and drink, water sports and fuel costs. However, ports and taxes are usually charged separately.
Plus Costs Requirement – The prices of larger motor yachts do not include operating expenses that must also be paid. The base price for these luxury rentals is for yacht only. Additional costs such as food, bars, fuel, docks, port taxes and other expenses are also charged. Most often, operating expenses are usually paid an Advance Collateral Allowance with 40% of the base price; this is a quantity paid before the contract.

 In general, daily prices range from 1000 TL to 8000 TL and continue from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 in the morning.

If you know what kind of boat you want and even what model and model you’re doing, they’ll all have an impact on the cost of renting a yacht. Needless to say, if it’s your first time and you don’t know what’s right for you, your expert advisor will spend you on all the costs and costs to rent a yacht. Here’s a malfunction:

Boat Type: There are usually 3 types of boats for renting in order of price:

Gulet: A single Hull Boat preferred by those who love the sense of crowded and dynamic sailing.
Catamaran: Twin Body boat preferred by field seekers and additional luxury seekers.
Motor Yachts: For those who want speed and luxury.

Cabins: As mentioned above, the number of places to sleep is usually proportionate to the length of the boat.

What the Cost of Cabins Means: Typically, more cabins mean a more expensive yacht, but can be shared among more people to reduce costs.

Length: The length forward of the boat’s form. The boats expand further.

Factors Affecting Yacht Rental Prices

Since charter yachts have private property, the prices are determined by the owner. This may, in part, explain the breadth of price differences between similar lengths of boats. However, some other factors, including, can significantly affect the price:

  • Yacht – In the year the boat was built, the selection of builders, previous owners and the boat’s water toys can also increase the cost of a yacht. Boats can also develop a reputation that is the largest or most luxurious or famous builder or previous owner. Reputation can also affect pricing.
  • Season – Prices usually increase in high season, so high summer in the Mediterranean or in the Caribbean decreases in winter and low seasons.
  • Target – Your rental goal also plays a role in the cost of renting. For example, while prices increase in areas without large charter fleets, basement yacht rentals are priced more competitively.
  • Additional Costs about Terms – In addition to the costs associated with the operation and provision of the yacht, there are a number of other costs to consider.

Advanced Basic Preparation Allowance

Plus Expenses equate symlies roughly 25-35% of the base price of the yacht. This is a fee collected before the rental and is similar to a spending account that the captain can access during the rental.

Taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT)

Most boats – all inclusive or Plus Expenses – do not include local taxes or Value Added Tax on rental fees. The tenant shall be obliged to pay these taxes.


Renters can buy cancellation and acronym insurance in a similar way to travel insurance. This insurance can help cover costs when a rental renters have to cancel or shorten the rental process. Rental agencies can help you weigh insurance options and often offer a few different options.


Although the crew is absolutely not mandatory, it is especially recommended if you want to be really affected by your rental experience. Overall, the crew fee is roughly 15-20% of the base rent rate.

Delivery Fees

Although these fees do not apply to each tariff, if you do not rent in the normal cruise area of the yacht, you may be asked to pay the fuel costs. In most cases, you will only be asked to pay the fuel for the trip.

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