What is the Yacht Captain? What Does He Do?

  •  20/02/2020
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Who is the Captain first?

The captain is the professional title given to people responsible for the course of the ship, which can be of different sizes, from a small yacht to a large cruiser ship.

What are the Captain's Responsibilities?

Captains are divided into two, including a far-distance road and close road captain. Depending on which captaincy is adjective and the type of managed naval vehicle, the captain's duty description varies. The captain's general responsibilities can be collected under the following headings;

  • Managing ships or other marine vehicles,
  • Radio, depth finder, radar, light, buoy or lighthouse to guide the ship,
  • Selecting the most convenient transportation route or speed,
  • Adjusting navigation according to weather conditions,
  • Overseeing the ship to ensure that the ship and equipment operate efficiently and safely and comply with regulations,
  • Read the indicators to verify that hydraulic fluid, air pressure or oxygen are sufficient,
  • Conducting security exercises with the crew,
  • To ensure that ship equipment such as engine, crane, cruising system, fire extinguishers or life guards are maintained,
  • Keeping records of daily activities,
  • Personnel reports, ship location and movements, weather and sea conditions, pollution control studies, recording cargo or passenger information,
  • Requesting fuel and consumables to be supplied to the ship or repaired damage.

What Trainings Do You Need to Get to Be Captain?

In order to become captain, universities are required to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Marine Transport and Business Engineering, which provides four years of education. After completing the internship period, it is necessary to pass the Shipmen Proficiency Exam performed by the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs with success.

What are the Captain's Qualifications?

  • To have a critical approach that can produce alternative solutions for problems,
  • To be able to make the right and fast decision under stress,
  • To have the leadership qualification that can motivate, develop and direct employees,
  • To show physical competence to manage long-term travel,
  • To have the ability to manage personnel resources that can identify the best people for the job,
  • To be able to perform system analysis that can determine how a system should work, how conditions, processes, and surrounding changes affect outcomes,
  • To successfully provide team management.
Jordan (Captain)

Who is the Yacht Captain?

The Yacht Captain is a professional title given to people who drive luxury vessels, which are often used for business and travel, which are small in size. Yacht Captains can work on the yachts of private companies or individuals.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Yacht Captain?

The Yacht Captain may be on a long course. Therefore, it is expected to be very careful and cautious. Because there's no compensation for the slightest mistake the Yacht Captains will make. In addition, the duties and responsibilities expected of yacht captains are listed as follows;

  • To study the area and route to travel,
  • To follow the fairs and learn about new technologies,
  • To participate in vocational courses and to try to improve,
  • Keep information fresh about first aid,
  • Dispatching and managing the team,
  • To ensure the safety of the yacht,
  • To follow the technical syllaves of the yacht.

What Trainings Do You Need to Receive to Become A Yacht Captain?

Those who want to be yacht captains, participate in trainings given by special educational institutions, to be successful in the examination organized by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, and to qualify for the license of yacht captaincy Must. People with yacht captain's license can work on yachts for commercial purposes.

What are the Qualifications Employers Are Looking for in the Yacht Captain?

Employers look for very different qualities in yacht captains. Among them, being disciplined, knowing good English and being compatible with flexible working hours are among the first to be ranked. Other qualifications sought in yacht captains can be listed as follows;

  • To dominate and enforce maritime laws and enforce,
  • Being prone to teamwork,
  • To be environmentally conscious and to prevent pollution of the seas,
  • To be able to perform the necessary tests,
  • To be involved and supervised by yacht employees in the recruitment process,
  • To be able to work under stress.


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