The World’s Expensive 3. Yacht Azzam, $605 million!

  •  30/09/2018
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Azzam is the world's largest private superyacht with a length of 590 feet. Azzam, owned by President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, also hosts a submarine on board. It also has its own special missile defense system for possible attacks. Azzam is the most expensive superyacht in the world, with 10% of its total cost and maintenance cost. Azzam's year-long sailing in the sea costs $60 million.

In July 2013, the world's largest private yacht, the $605 million 'Azzam', which sailed, was awarded the title of "world's longest yacht" with a height of 180 meters. Since then, it was thought to be the largest private yacht in tonnage. With the announcement of the actual gross tonnage last week, the world's tonnage ranking was reshaped not by forecasts, but by accurate data. Azzam is not the heaviest super yacht in the world in tonnage! The Sultan's yacht "El Said" is 155 meters long. "El Said", the world's 4 longest yachts, has a concert hall. The concert hall allows an orchestra of 50 people to present music.

Estimates made to date indicate that the Azzam superyacht weighed 18,000 tons. However, in a statement, azzam superyacht was recorded as 13,136 tons. Another of the most tonnage superyachts produced at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen, Al Said, has been certified to continue to hold his title. Al Said's tonnage is 15,850 tons. On the yacht, which has 50 cabins with a pop-up roof, guests will be able to enjoy the sun without going out. The yacht has four engines and can travel at 50 kilometres per hour. The yacht's tank has the capacity to buy 1 million liters of gasoline. The inner walls of the yacht are covered in crocodile skin. The yacht has a cinema, a disco and a pool.

With its 94,000 horsepower engines, Azzam, which has 30 knots of cruising speed, had reached a speed of 31.5 knots in the North Sea in tests conducted without being delivered to its owner. With this value, he also had another title as the "fastest" among superyachts with a length of over 150 meters. Another feature of the Azzam superyacht is its navigational capability in shallow waters, even though it has accelerated at such a high speed. Azzam, who has made a name for himself in recent years with his elegant and elegant lines, is still connected in Tarragona, Spain.

Mega yachts anchored at Ataköy Marina!

Mega yachts have started to arrive at Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Port, which is located within the Istanbul Tourism Center, which will take Istanbul to a different position among the rival cities in the tourism sector.

Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Port, the first mega yacht port in Turkey capable of hosting 232 mega yachts from 25 meters to 100 m in length at the same time, hosted mostly foreign-flagged mega yachts in April. Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Port, which has made Istanbul an important destination for yacht tourism, is a very special address not only for boats in Turkish territorial waters, but also for boat owners in the entire Black Sea and Mediterranean basin. Mega Yacht Port, which is among the top 10 countries in the world due to the number of tourists but one of the most money-making tourism types, contributes to turkey's significant income in this field, which can not even evaluate 10 percent of its potential in yacht tourism. will provide. With Mega Marina, many custom-made, distinguished boats can now easily visit Istanbul. Thanks to the port, these private boats will be able to spend the winter months in Istanbul, where they will be able to carry out all kinds of maintenance and repair works.

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