World’s Most Expensive Yacht History Supreme, $4.5 Billion!

  •  29/09/2018
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History Supreme

Everyone knew what the humidity of the sea did to your electronics and your wood products, so every big luxury hotel at sea had closed windows. I mean, can you imagine what gold on a yacht looks like when it touches the sea? However, a Malaysian businessman doesn't think much and wants Mida to touch his expensive yacht with a lot of disposable income. Stuart Hughes, who had the Touch of Midas, began to move away from fancy iPhones, laptops and laptops to create a luxury 100-metre yacht called History Supreme, which included 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum.

The world's most expensive superyacht, the History Supreme, which is only 98 feet long. The reason it's the most expensive is because it's gold-plated. Yes, you heard it right; Where the superyacht is, half of it is covered with 10 tons of gold and diamonds. In order to make the yacht even more exaggerated, the interior seating, side walls, deck, exterior seating areas and stairrails, even the anchor, are covered in gold. A wall made of a real meteor, and a sculpture made of a true dinosaur bone are the most expensive objects of the superyacht. He is a Malaysian businessman whose name is not yet known, ordering the world's most expensive boat in 2011.

An unnamed Malaysian businessman paid £3 billion (£8 billion) for a yacht called History Supreme, made of gold and platinum. The entire body of History Supreme, the work of liverpool-based jewelry company Stuart Hughes, is the result of a three-year study, filled with precious metals weighing about 100 tons. Meteor rocks and real dinosaur horn on the walls of the yacht's platinum-paved bedroom are other decoration items that make the price so high. Abramovich's £300m (£800m) yacht Eclipse attracted worldwide attention. The world is now wondering who bought this yacht, which has tripled the price of Eclipse to 10.

The entire yacht, which lasted three years, is said to consist of a deck made of precious metals, a dining area, curves, and an anchor. While the base of the main vein is wrapped in a thin layer of gold, the main bedroom consists of walls with original Dinosaur bone shaved from sports platinum raptor T – REX and placed in metheoretical stone. Sold for £3 billion, Hughes was luxury's biggest betenging.

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