World’s Most Expensive Sailboat: Yacht A

  •  26/10/2018
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The world's most magnificent yacht" Superyacht A, produced at the order of Oligark Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, was launched in Germany. The main mast of the yacht, which is expected to cost 260 million pounds (approximately £1 billion 211 million), is longer than the famous Big Ben in England, also known as the "Queen's Tower". It will serve 20 passengers with a crew of 54.

Valentine Low in The Times begins by asking, "What would a man do with this money if his fortune was 6 million pounds?" and responded: "Like Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko, he builds himself the world's largest sailing yacht…"

After the first images appeared, "Sailing Yacht A" was designed by Frenchmen Philippe Starck and Martin Francis and built at the German Navy shipyard in Nobiskrug.


Matrix Lloyd, a world superyacht expert, told the Daily Mail, "When Sailing Yacht A is ready to sail, its interior design will increase the cost even more.

The interior design of luxury boats averages £10,000 per square meter," he said.

The yacht is 142.6 m tall with 8 decks and is 91.4 m wide and includes a giant "underwater viewing room" with 1.8 tonnes of bombed glass.


The main mast length of "Sailing Yacht A", which has three carbon composite masts, is 328 ft (100 m).

In the Daily Mail, the London icon, also known as the "Elizabeth Tower", is compared to the clock tower, and is called "Even the size of the Big Ben (96 m)". The area of the main sail to be printed on this pole is 1,767 square meters.

With pitch-controlled propellers and hybrid diesel-electric machines, the superyacht has a cruising speed of 18 knots and can reach 24 nautical miles on a full road. 54 personnel who will serve 20 passengers are planned to serve.


Dailiy Mail newspaper, in a related report, such super yachts "keep awater" expenses required by taking a look at the costs and listed striking figures.

"Russian Oligark Andrey Milnichenko has invested £260 million to envy his colleague Roman Abramovich or UAE President Al-Nahyan, but the initial cost is only part of owning a luxury ship," the review said. Amazing costs are as follows:

Standard fuel consumption for a 71 m yacht is about $400,000 a year. This means an average consumption of 500 litres per hour.

On average, $350,000 for binding and port fees, and about $240,000 for standard insurance costs. Value Added Tax (VAT) means 15-25 percent of the ship's value.

It is also necessary to add approximately $1 million in maintenance and repair costs and an additional $1.4 million for personnel.

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