The World’s 8th Most Expensive. Yacht, Dilbar $263 Million!

  •  30/09/2018
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Dilbar is owned by Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov. Superyacht was built in 2008 and Usmanov named the yacht after his deceased mother. Dilbar is designed to accommodate up to 20 guests and serves 47 crew members. The superyacht also has a helipad. The particulate filter on the main engine output exhaust is known as the first in the yachts.

Dilbar was recently filmed in the Mediterranean, after production was completed and delivered to the yacht owner. The superyacht is still visible on the French Riviera and the italian coast. Dilbar remained a mystery in the manufacturing process, and no information was available wherever he was.

The superyacht, owned by Alisher Usmanov, was only released after its delivery. When the superyacht was recorded, it was declared that its length was 156 meters and its full weight was 15,917 GT. It is 23 meters wide and 6 meters below the water line, other important information about the yacht. The diesel electric power unit is the largest unit ever installed on a yacht and can reach speeds of 22.5 knots with its engines. In order to understand how big a project Dilbar is, the figures given by Lürssen stated that the surfaces on the superyacht were larger than 10,000 m² and that the total cable used in its production reached 1,100 km.

Peter Lürssen, managing partner of the Lürssen shipyard, said of the yacht; "It is a great reputation for us to undertake the construction of the Dilbar superyacht and we are very proud of it. In particular, we are even more proud that the duration of this project is 52 months. Dilbar has really been an extraordinary turning point for us and for the history of the superyacht," he said.

The 3,800 m² interior in Dilbar was designed by Winch Design for yacht owners and guests. Designer Andrew Winch on superyacht; "Dilbar has been a big part of my life. This yacht is really special to me. It's unparalleled culturally, and it's been a very detailed study on an incredible level in every respect. We believe that yacht owners will enjoy every detail very much."

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