The world’s fifth largest. Yacht, Eclipe, $370.5 Million!

  •  30/09/2018
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The eclipse, which is the height of an eight-storey apartment building, was the world's most expensive yacht with $1 billion. After buying the Chelsea football team, russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, the Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum are about to take the title of "owner of the world's largest and most expensive yacht".

El Maktoum still holds the title with its 162-meter-paint megayacht Dubai, estimated at approximately US$350 million. Abramovich, however, will surpass Emir's Dubai by just 50 centimetres and become the new owner of the title, with a megayacht eclipse, whose construction will be completed later this year. In terms of eclipse's value, Abramovich's difference to Al Maktoum is incredible: 600 million U.S. dollars! So the Russian businessman's 162.50-meter yacht costs 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Main camera 5000 square meters!

The construction of Eclipse, which will be under Abramovic's first trial in July 2010, but is expected to reach the end of 2010, is under way at Blohm und Voss, Germany's famous shipyard, which is also the birthplace of Atatürk's yacht Savarona. Excessive attention is paid to the infiltration of any information about the megayacht, which Abramovic calls an innuendo, which means "solar eclipse".

However, the steel eclipse is known to have two helipads, cover it with armor and its windows will be bulletproof. The measures taken against the paparazzi by the Russian oligarch, who pay great attention to their privacy, are of the type of lip kite: Eclipse will have a magnetic protection shield and will not operate any electronic or digital camera that is inserted around it through a laser scanning system. it's going to make it.

Abramovich's cabin will span an area of 5,000 square metres. The megayat will also include two swimming pools, a submarine that can dive to a depth of 50 metres, and 11 guest rooms, each with a 182-centimeter TV. A crew of about 70 will be full-time.

Eight Storey Apartment Height

The 162-metre yacht, designed by Andrew Winch, who is world-renowned as the designer of the Boeing 767 and Boeing Business Jet-II, is not only the length, width and engines of the 162-meter yacht, but also the living spaces. The eight-deck Dubai has three elevators that reach all these decks. A 9.5-ton helicopter can land on the yacht, which has various sizes of jacuzzis and a swimming pool on decks. There's a private garage on the deck for two service boats, each 10 metres tall.

Dubai has cabins for 88 crew members, including captain, wheelleader and doctor. The number of crew members can be as high as 115, provided they are not accommodated. Al Maktoum, of course, is not the kind of person who would settle for a main cabin, like a humble yacht owner. As a matter of fact, the 6th year of the yacht. and 7. the floors are completely reserved for the Emir himself and his family. As with megayachts produced after the 2000s, dubai's 7th-century cities were built. and the 8th. there are also two private lounges with sky views on the decks.

What Dubai has and what materials it is equipped with and enriched is kept highly confidential by the strict order of Al Maktoum. However, it is known that it has a large cinema, a disco, a private barbecue area, a squash court, a gymnasium, a helipad and a submarine specially built for the sheikh.

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