Why Sailing?

  •  30/09/2018
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Sailing is one of the few sports that everyone of all ages from seven to seventy can learn and continue comfortably. It is possible to find sail yachts in thousands of designs produced worldwide for various sizes and different conditions (sea, lake, ocean, current). For those who want to compete, fast sailboats with lighter and larger sailing areas, for those who want to travel with their family, the sailing areas are relatively small, not at risk of tipping, but slightly less performing boats in every port We may run into it. That's why sailing is a sport that can be done for life. If we divide the sail into rough classes, we can divide it into two parts: NAVIGATION or RACE types. Even large sailing boat designers bring out two types of boats to the market: racing and sightseeing class.

Sailing is not a class that does not like to get wet, does not feel comfortable in nature, and most importantly, impatient people can love. Sailing is to combat external forces that are constantly changing, such as SEA, WAVE, FLOW and WIND. This situation is not as easy as it is seen from the outside. Forces such as currents and winds are invisible to the eye, they are felt, and it takes time to spend time on the sea to predict their effects. It is almost impossible to learn these factors without experiencing them. What makes the sail branch fun is that all these variables combine to make the sail more complex. Sailing is a sport that requires constant thinking. Where does the current come from?, where will the wind rise in the future?, where will the milk refresh? Sailing with terms such as seaman's language never deprives you of thinking at sea.

There is no doubt that this is the most pleasurable thing to sail. Sailing is like gambling or playing chess over the sea. Especially in sailing races, the most basic example is navigating according to the uncalculated but expected change of direction. In short, sailing is a sport that requires both practice and constant thinking. Learning the sail theoretically in the face of the board or from books is the biggest mistake. The longer you stay to learn sailing, which is a practical sport, the better the weather can smell and the better the sailor you become.


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