Which Fish Should Be Eaten In Which Month? Fish Calendar

  •  25/02/2019
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Which Fish Is Eaten In Which Month?

We need to know which month the sea fish, which are rich in nutritional values, should be eaten in order to eat the freshest and most delicious food. It is not possible for every fish to be seasonally fresh and consumed fresh. In addition, in some periods, fish are not allowed to hunt because it is the season of spawning. So if we eat the freshest and most delicious fish at the right time, we can get the most from the nutritional value of the fish.

Why Does The Taste of Fish Change?

climatic features, sea water temperature, the area where the fish feeds, the salinity of the sea, the variability of the breeding period and the fat status of the fish. According to the general belief, the fish will taste as it is lubricated, but this will not apply to every fish. Fish will not be delicious in the lubrication caused by the feeding of fish with artificial feeds on fish farms.

The fish can also be seen with the uterus according to the fish calendar to eat the most flavor.

Protein Content in Fish

The protein content of fish is much higher than red and white meats. Fish have a unique nutritional value. Therefore, it is recommended by experts that children consume fish. Fish contain Vitamins A. B1, B2, D, zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium and phosphorus. There are also omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil and are very beneficial for nutrition.

Approximately 100 grams of oily fish contain 20 grams of protein, while lean fish contains 10 grams of protein.  Oily fish have higher energy than lean fish.

Fish Is Useful in Season

Fish that are freshly consumed in the season are more delicious and beneficial than farm and ice house fish because they are naturally fed and do not lose their nutritional value. That's why we should try to consume winter fish in winter and summer fish in summer.

Fish Calendar

The table below shows which fish will be the freshest and most delicious by month. It is helpful to consider when making your choices.

Although the tastes of fish vary according to their type, which fish is eaten in which month is also important for taste. The following information is given about the months in which the fish are delicious:

JANUARY: Mackerel, bluefish, acorn, oysters retain the taste. Mullet and anchovies are full-fat. Zinc, kofana, haddock are easily found. Tequila and swallow are hunted in abundance. Barbunya is kept less than swords and coral.

FEBRUARY: Shield season begins. Tekir comes out a lot. Mackerel, bluefish, acorn oil begins to lose.

MARCH: Mullet is the most delicious time of sea bass and shield. The mackerel is about to become a chiropractor. The pan and pilaki can be made. The silverfish starts to grow a lot.

NISN: Shield comes first again. Coral, sea bass, sword and swallow begin to emerge in abundance. Silverfish, mullet, haddock, berlam, tequila and kidney beans are very popular.

MAY: Sea bass, barbun, tequila, scorpion are eaten with pleasure.

HAZIran: In terms of fishing is inefficient. Fish such as tekir, barbun, coral, sea bass are found, but are expensive.

JULY: The sardine season begins. Suitable for coliosis, oysters, mackerel, pans and boils.

AUGUST: Gypsy acorns open the season. Sardines are the most delicious time. Again this month, i can't get enough of the sword. Mullet is not recommended.

SEPTEMBER: Sardines and swords are delicious. The acorn gets bigger. Lufer is expensive this period.

PLANT: The lufer is very tasty. Acorns come out a lot.

KASIM: The best time for mackerel. The toric flow has begun. It's the month when the piñata is the most exquisite.

DECEMBER: Mackerel, bluefish, acorn and toric are even larger and flavoured. It's the crispiest time of anchovies. There's plenty of tequila.

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