Must-See Beaches in Turkey: Dreamy Beaches

  •  23/10/2018
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Turkey is one of the first countries that comes to mind when it comes to holidays. Especially when you go to the southern coast, you see that hundreds of tourists from England, Germany, Russia and the Far East have chosen Turkey as their holiday destination. You may even feel like you are abroad in the most popular holiday destinations, because there will be more foreigners than Turks around. Indeed, as Turkey, we live in one of the luckiest countries in the world. Now let's take a look at the most beautiful beaches in the world hosted by our country…

? Kaputaş Beach – Kalkan, Antalya

Kaputaş Beach, famous for its turquoise water, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in both Turkey and the world. Usually those who go from Kalkan to Kas find this place by chance while following the coastal road with plenty of curves. The lucky minority with the bathing suit meets the sea immediately, but after a little stairs. In addition to those who discovered by chance on their way to Kas, it is one of the reasons why the tourists flockfrom abroad. Kaputaş Beach, which always finds its place in the lists of "the most beautiful beaches in the world", is overflowing every summer. The beach has sand mixed with tiny pebbles. Turquoise, immaculate waves attract you.
In 2015, when kaputaş beach's operation moved to Kaputaş Municipality, umbrellas could be rented, food and beverages could be bought in barracks were placed on the beach. If you plan to stay long on the beach, take advantage of the beach resorts or take your own umbrella and picnic basket.

? iztuzu Beach – Dalyan, Mugla

Imagine a narrow but long beach right in the middle of fresh water and seawater. On one side, as the name suggests, is saltwater, and the other side is fresh water.  On the beach, loggerhead carettas roam, what's more!  Iztuzu Beach has such a rare surface shape, and when it is one of the places where loggerhead carettas lay their eggs, it becomes a place that is very unique. Iztuzu Beach is even called "Turtle Beach" for this reason.

No access to the beach after 8 p.m. to avoid disturbing the turtles. You may not find many restaurants, cafeterias here, but there's a small clinic for turtles in need of help. After all, this isn't ours, it's their natural habitat. Iztuzu Beach is operated by the municipality, but since it is a Special Environmental Protection Zone, no structure is allowed on the beach. Previously existing structures have also been demolished. There are wooden kiosks, toilets and dressing rooms where simple food is sold for tourists' eating and drinking needs.

To reach iztuzu Beach, you can use the minibuses that leave from dalyan town of Mugla province or also in front of dalyan PTT. Boats that depart as they fill up start sailing as of 9:30 a.m.


? Ovabuku – Datca, Mugla

Ovabuku, which has small hostels and restaurants in the vicinity, is located in the village of Mesudiye. Village life and a quiet beach can be a good alternative for those who are bored with classic holiday destinations and crowded beaches. Just remember, the beach isn't sand, it's stony. And if you don't care that the way out is a little bumpy, a deep blue sea will finally be waiting for you. For those who want to live the village life and swim on an unspoiled beach, Ovabuku is the right choice. In fact, it is said that fish and sea creatures not usually found on beaches can be observed a little far from the coast. For those who like to dive and explore…

? Valley of butterflies – Fethiye, Mugla

Surrounded by 350-meter cliffs, the Valley of butterflies is located in fethiye-Ölüdeniz region. Those who want to come here can only get there by sea, because the valley is surrounded by high cliffs. But once you come from the sea, you can climb the mountain with a rope. There's no place to stay in the valley, there are tree houses and tents for visitors. It is possible to come by day boat and enjoy the sea and then return or stay. Those who go to the Valley of butterflies, which are caught between the sea and the steep cliffs, say that time has stopped here. They may be right, because when you get here, you're completely cut off from the outside world. This is a place where botanists and entemologists are very interested and studied because of the vegetation and the 100 varieties of butterflies that live on it. I mean, it's extraordinary.

? Ölüdeniz – Fethiye, Mugla

Another beach, whose beauty is epic and even registered many times, is Ölüdeniz. The most distinctive feature is that the bay is in the shape of an absinthe. So it looks like a lake that's almost completely enclosed. Although the water is shallow and calm, the circulation at the bottom of the water is very intense and can remain clear and clean because the water level rises and descends every 2-3 days. The blue flag beaches of Ölüdeniz can be a good choice for those who love undulating and hot water.

Ölüdeniz, which is 15 km away from Fethiye, can be reached both by land and by sea. Moreover, many places from here, Butterfly Valley, Gocek, 12 islands, Ships Bay, Karacaören, Aya Nikola Island can be reached. For those who don't want to be tied to one place, Ölüdeniz can be a good reference point.
In addition, paragliding, underwater diving, safari, rafting activities can be done in the resort. Or you can just enjoy the sea instead of dealing with other activities.  Fethiye and of course Ölüdeniz have been popular for many years, so it may not be possible to find a vacancy in the hostels and hotels in the vicinity between May and October. So let's remind you that there is a region that needs to be booked early.

? Ilıca Beach – Çeşme, izmir

Another beach that conquers hearts with its fine-grained sand and clear and shallow water is Çeşme Ilica Beach. In addition to the increasing crowds and constructions from year to year as in popular resorts, one of the things about Çeşme that manages to stay unchanging and beautiful is the warm sea of Ilica. The reason it's hot is because there are thermal springs boiling in the water. That's where his name comes from. Due to the shallow and clear sea water, even if you move 15-20 meters in the sea, the water level only comes to your waist. And when you open it up, you'll notice that you can still see the bottom of the water.

If it is often attractive that it is stagnant, clear and warm, one of the beaches to visit is Ilica. Sun beds and umbrellas are available on the beach for a fee. You can also bring your own umbrella and towel. It is also possible to cross to different bays with boat tours departing from Ilıca. Çeşme Ilıca, which is 1 hour away from Izmir, can be reached both by land and air.

? Ortakent Kargi Beach – Bodrum, Mugla

Kargi Beach is also called Camel Beach, because there are camels here that show tourists. There are many blue flag beaches on the 5 km beach, and Kargi is one of them. Sailing is very suitable for sports such as water skiing, so it's a windy area.

Swimming in bodrum's fine sandy, blue-flagged sea will always be pleasant to swim and play sports. There are facilities such as cafes, restaurants and beach establishments on the Ortakent coast, which is 10 km from the centre. The nearest airport is Milas – Bodrum Airport.

? Akbuk Bay – Gokova, Mugla

When you come to Akbuk Bay, you will feel like you are on a tropical island. Because you may not have seen seawater so clean and clear before. There are several ways to get to Akbuk Bay, north of Gokova Bay. If you're going to get straight from downtown Mugla, you'll have a 30-mile road. If you are coming from Bodrum or Marmaris, you will still need to travel at least 60 kilometers. It is 80 km from Dalaman Airport and 70 km from Milas Airport.

? Altinkum Beach – Didim, Aydin

Didim's blue-flag beaches line up to 53km of beaches along the length. Altinkum, didim's main beach. Located 9 kilometers from the city centre, Altinkum is one of the most beautiful beaches and bustling beaches of the Aegean. Not to mention much about beaches with golden sand and turquoise sea water. It is difficult to find a place in the coastal area, which is very lively between May and October. It is a very lively area, not only during the day, but also at night, due to cafes and bars lined up along the coast.


? Cleopatra Beach – Cedar Island, Mugla

Cedar Island (Cedrea) is a tourist attraction located 16 kilometres north of Marmaris. The region is famous for its golden sandy beach and sea. The beach is also called Cleopatra Beach. The city walls of the ancient city of Cedrae, pla and the ruins of the ancient theatre are also found here.  There is a very original and very original beach in the area, which cleopatra believes is swimming here. According to legend, Cleopatra and Antony swam here and the golden sands of the beach were specially brought here from North Africa by ships. This kind of golden sand is found only in Egypt. The ruins at the western end of the island date back to the Roman period. The ancient theatre area is well preserved. There's also the Agora. Epigraphs in the region show that athletic festivals were organized here in honor of Apollo.
Cedar Island, Cleopatra Beach area is accessible from Marmaris. There are also regular boat trips to Cedar Island from The Pine Pier. In order to reach the pine pier, it is necessary to reach The Village of Camli first. 6 km after seeing the Camli sign on the 12th kilometer of marmaris-Mugla road for transportation to Camli Village. you're reaching the Pine pier by driving as far as you can.

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