What is the Tramola Maneuver?

  •  30/09/2018
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Tramola is a forced manoeuvre to be made by a sailboat trying to climb on the wind. During tramola, the sails are changed to the side where the wind is taken, and the course is continued. Tramola's main goal is to make zig-zag paths and advance to the goal. Tramola turns, because they are made towards the wind during the manoeuvre, the boat will cope against the wind, while the sails will lose their fullness and shimak for a certain period of time as they will be against the wind.

When the sailing boat is in a state of the right wind, the sails fly like flags and they cannot produce force.  When the manoeuvre rotation continues, the sails will fill again. Sails on the other hand, according to the boat, when the angle of the wind is 45 degrees, the wind fills with wind and the course continues again.

That's why the tramola maneuver is at least 90 degrees. In short, a sailing boat can move against the wind at ninety degree angles.


note 1 : There are two sails on our sail, genoa and main sails. Although their size and type are different, their operating systems are the same. They take the wind at the same angle and they work. We know that the sails will change during tramola. Thanks to its boom, which supports the main sail from the bottom, the main sail can be easily replaced, but the genoa is secured with two iskota ropes from the starboard and pier. That's why a person has to replace these iskota ropes.

note 2 : Tramola maneuver should only be performed on the course of the orsa. Therefore, when the tramola manoeuvre is decided, it should always be entered first, the boat should be accelerated and then the tramola manoeuvre should be performed.

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