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  •  19/03/2019
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Since its inception, we have tested Sirena Yachts 64, the new brand of Sirena Marine, which brings together more than 360 sailboats and motor yachts at sea. Sirena Yachts 64 is a performance, long-range and very comfortable trawler in the shortest summary. We believe that sirena 64 is a boat worth seeing, much faster than conventional trawlers, longer range than fast motor yachts and a very large internal volume.


The exterior design was designed by world-renowned yacht designer German Frers. German Frers also draws world-famous brands such as Hallbarg Rasy and Swan.  Sirena Yachts 64, whose interior design is owned by Tomasso Spadolini, has a great trawler when she combines production quality with this partnership. With its axe nose structure, wide platform, steepwide windows, chin-shaped body and innovative lines, the exterior is a very stylish trawler.

Outer Structure / Body

The new generation vacuum infuse method and vinilester material body, carbon supports and structures were added in some areas. In this way, a light weight boat was produced for strong construction and fuel economy against osmosis resistant carina, impacts and yawns. The body is protected by sun-resistant milk-white gelkot. The windows of the outer structure are supported by very thick tempered lenses with external forces.

General Features

Sirena 64 is approximately 21 meters tall and 5.8 meters wide, and the interior and exterior areas are all very handy designed. Trawler, which can pass at speeds of 28 knots on the right road, can travel more than 1,300 knots with a full tank when cruising at a speed of about 10 knots at the economic cycle. Compared to other brands and models, this data is not available for any other model that is both superior and so economical. One of the most important differences of Sirena Yacht's 64 is this feature. Since its 44-ton weight is light errands and well-designed carina, we can say that it is economical. Moreover, the 1.57-meter water shot allows you to enter shallow waters.

Outdoor Use

There is a large sunbathing area on the head, a seating group with a lively table and a bed if necessary, a large seating group in the aft pool and a very large seating area on the upper fly-bridge. The fly-bridge proves to be quite large with 38 m2 and 52 m2 on top of the head. The openable hard top feature on the Fly is also available as a nice opsiyion for users.

The large structure of the swimming platform, the sturdy swimming ladder and the platform feature that can enter the sea are other user-friendly features. There is also a new generation of audio system at the head, which can be used with stylish turnable lights and bluetooth for use at night. Depending on the user's preference, the option of a jacuzzi on the head can also be offered.

All the walkways and ceilings of the boat are equipped with sound system and illuminated from above. And all the lights, light levels and brightness can be adjusted.

Interior Use Area

Depending on demand, many features such as large hall, indoor or outdoor kitchen option, twin cabin, master cabin, guest cabin, captain and team cabin are left to the user's preference. In the standard interior layout, there is an open kitchen, primarily the VIP cabin, the master cabin on the stern, and the twin cabin on the pier. Both the canare has its own shower, bathroom and toilet. There are also toilers in the lower corridor.

The master cabin, which is located towards the ass of the boat, has a very spacious structure with an area of 24 m2 and wide windows. Moreover, when you are looking at the seating group built on the edge of the windows, you get a unique view. Thanks to the large reinforced glass, the cabin can take in enough light, and with blackened glass, the sun does not disturb even when it comes directly.

In addition, in the master cabin and other cabins, storage areas, special sound system, TV option, motion sensor lights, silent air conditioning and heating systems are offered to the users.

It's quite successful that the entrance to the boat is flat foot. There is not the slightest difference in jeans and floors and keeping the door way high provided great comfort. On all three sides of the hall, it has large windows, making it very bright and spacious inside. Because the windows are perpendicular to the angle, they are not affected by the sun reflections and a great field of view is offered to users. At the entrance of the hall there is a seating group, a hideable LED TV, a removable glass dining table and an optional indoor or outdoor kitchen.

Next to the captain, the seating group called "love seat" is one of the most pleasurable places during the cruise.


One of the most important features of Sirena Yachts 64 is that although it is trawler type, it challenges motoryachts in terms of speed. In addition, the other feature is quite economical compared to many competitors and has the ability to navigate quite a lot with a warehouse.

Sirena 64 has a speed of up to 28 knots on the right track and its cruising speed is 16 knots in economic cycles. When cruising with 10 knots, it can travel more than 1300 nautical miles with a tank. powered by two 900 HP Caterpillar or Volvo Penta engines.

Below you can see performance, revs, speed and fuel consumption.

10 knotS SOG – 1000 RPM – 36 Litres

16 knotSOG – 1600 RPM – 128 Litres

20 knotS SOG – 1900 RPM – 192 Litres

28.2 knotS SOG – 2330 RPM – 330 Litres

Ease of Use

Sirena Yachts 64 has many different options for users. Thanks to independent movement of two engines, sirena 64 has very easy mobility and can manoeuvre much more easily when the head propeller and stern propeller are added.

In addition, thanks to the joystic arm movement system on the rudder console, motors and maneuver propellers can move jointly and with one hand, the management of the boat is possible. In this way, even novice users can maneuver safely.

Use can be provided from the lounge, fly bridge or, if desired, with a control panel placed in the stern pool. Since the rudder system is hirosy, the rudder is always quite light in the navigational glaze, and the cruising angle can be changed with the ability of flaps to move up and down.

Labor Quality and Material

The materials used in Sirena Yachts 64 give a very high quality, spacious and stylish look. White lacquered ceilings, side panels, ebony lounge floors offered as an option, first-class leather finishes used in the helmstering area, sturdy blackened glass and a combination of seating group fabrics, have become a whole. Color and material changes can also be made according to user preference. Furniture joints, seams of leather finishes, welding marks of stainless handles are completely concealed.

What we like

  • The insulation of the engine room is very successful, and there is no disturbing sound on the hall and deck during the course of the journey.
  • The angle of view of the windows is very wide. The user is quite comfortable. It doesn't reflect because it's not angled.
  • The fly-bridge is very spacious, very comfortable in use.
  • Trawler is both very performing in terms of speed and can be very economical when desired.
  • He doesn't bury his head in the water at high speeds, so he doesn't lose speed.

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