AZUREE 41 Sailboat from Sirena Marine

  •  20/03/2019
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Sirena Marine's newest sailboat, the AZUREE 41, we ran a cruise test. The AZUREE brand always stands out for its performance, but also features mobile, selling hundreds of 33 and 40 feet models. the interior is more comfortable than most sightseeing boats on the market and the quality of craftsmanship is visibly good with the eye.


The exterior design of azuree 41 was created by the yacht design company of renowned British designer Rob Humpheries. the interior design belongs to The Jib Design Company of Slovenia. The boat, which is intended to be very performing in terms of speed, has also been evaluated in terms of internal volume. There is a jawed body, acid-made head bodosing that can crush the wave, and a double machete rudder system that facilitates dominance.

Outer structure / Body

Like every boat from Sirena Marine's company, azuree 41 is built with vacuum-infusion technology in the body. Thanks to this technology, it is both more durable, lighter and resistant to osmosis. Moreover, with the vinilester material used, the abrasive effect of water was reduced and resistance to osmosis was increased.

The crucifixion zones and release link zones of AZUREE 41 are reinforced with carbon supports. The main skeletal structure that prevents the boat from yawning under high forces is also made of carbon hybrid.

General Features

The AZUREE 41 is 12 meters long and is about 4 meters wide. It has a fuel capacity of 160 liters and a capacity of 320 liters of fresh water. It has torpedo type release and ensures that the boat is balanced.

Outdoor Use

With two rudder located at the corners of azuree's docking, the sailboat allows the yacht to be controlled from the desired side. In addition, the boat's pool was expanded and the entrance and exit of the boat were relaxed. The necessary electronics and chartplotter can be positioned in front of the helmsman.

There are two selections of beadies in the pool to protect users from the sun. The aft swimming platform is designed extensively, extends considerably to the area of use during the holidays and the swimming ladder is stored in the head warehouse.

There are six cranes on the deck as standard. The two cranes at the rear are the German system and control the main sail. The helmsman can easily reach this vince and control the main sail from any side. The two cranes in front are for genoa cranes. There are cranes for mandars on the pavilion in the pool. When the balloon is pressed, it supports these cranes.

The seating arrangement of the pool allows you to lean back. In this way, the book becomes quite enjoyable to read. The outer seat lengths are close to two metres and there is a pool desk in the middle. The pool table can be dismantled if desired.

At the head of azuree 41, there is no storage space on any boat this size. In this place, where even two people can easily enter, many materials such as unused spare sails, balloon sails, astrose, etc. can easily fit.

Interior Use Area

AzureE 41 has standard equipment, 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms. At first there are the master's cabin and two twin cabins on the aft side. In our observations, although the pool of the boat is large, there is no loss in the internal volume. The height of the hall reaches 1.98 meters and even in the head cabin the height on the front is 1.80 meters. Therefore, a spacious structure is created for the user. In the hall, there is a flat and spacious kitchen on the starboard side and a seating group directly opposite. This area can be a bed because the table in the middle of the sitting group is mobile.

Two large hecs, two small lumbos, are openable in the hall and allow the inside to be ventilated. The windows next to the deck walkways are large and the inside is bright enough.

In terms of performance and safety in AZUREE, the mast that enters the deck is hidden in wood and the ugly image is eliminated. The navigation desk is at the entrance in the lounge, on the pier side and has a large shelf inside.


With its 99 m2 sailing area and 8,300 kilogram lightweight body design, azuree 41 performs well above many cruise sailors in terms of performance.  Even at a real wind speed of 5 knots, 4 knots can reach gps speed.

In sailing, thanks to its double machete, when it lies with the wind, the rudder becomes more comfortable and comfortable than the hydraulic rudder. The machete from the water because of the lying point reduces friction, and the rudder dominance never disappears as the other machete enters the water perpendicularly. It's not just a loss of speed.

While many models in its class begin to lose rudder capability in 16 knots in real wind, azuree 41, thanks to its angled double machetes, 24 knots can continue cruising without hitting the sails without having to hit them. This makes it a much safer, more stable and performing sailing yacht in harsh weather conditions.

AzureE 41's asymmetric balloon area is 155 m2. With a balloon this size, it can be faster on under-wind cruises than boats of the same size.

In the course of the engine, the standard and relatively smaller engine achieves the desired values. The Yanmar 39 HP engine uses the standard. With this engine, comfort can be made to travel longer over 7 knots. The following speed and gps speed values;

2200 RPM – 7.1 SOG

2400 RPM – 7.5 SOG

2600 RPM – 7.7 SOG

2950 RPM – 8.2 SOG values can easily reach.

Ease of Use

Due to its double machete structure, it is very manoeuvrable. In sailing, he proved that he was very easy to manoeuvre, as well as manoeuvring in tight spaces and in the marina. Before Tornistan takes the maneuver, there's not much to sway the propeller. He can get into very narrow places on the tornistand, and when he's hit the rudder in the forward road, he reacts very quickly.

What we like

  • 20 knots over the real wind, just as the coat of arms is watching, does not lose control, the rudder does not heavier.
  • It is easy to maneuver and can easily enter tight spaces. There's no need for a head propeller.
  • The quality of internal craftsmanship stands far above other mass-produced boats.
  • He can get in there at a narrow angle and he doesn't bury his head in the water when he's ballooning.

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