Flares and Use of The Sign

  •  30/09/2018
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There are two varieties: parachute and handset. It is not mandatory according to the private boat regulations, but it is strongly recommended to have it on the boat for safety. Their goal is to facilitate visibility during an emergency.

What is Hand Maytab?

A hand-held firecracker is a flammable and visual warning sign that must be used in an emergency, confirming SOLAS, the commission that establishes safety rules at sea. IT is ce approved for SOLAS 74/88.

In case of an emergency, it is used to draw attention, burning like a bright red torch. Designed to burn for at least a minute. It's as strong and bright as 15,000 candlelights. It should be burned under the wind because it produces smoke while it burns.

In the photo above, a burning handmayaze is seen. 


They are found in a long, water-proof and damp-proof rod. There is an instruction on them that shows how it should be used. They also have an expiration order on them. Products that have expired must be returned to the manufacturer and seller and new ones must be taken to the boat. There are waiting and fresh periods of about three years.

When the hand-firecracker burns, it causes smoke and flames. It is appropriate to keep the wind on the underside, although it is specially designed to keep the user effective. In this way, the smoke does not come to the user and the resulting sparks go away.

It could start a fire because it's on fire. It can cause damage as a result of falling out of hand. Therefore, if life is being used in the raft, away from the raft, if it is on the boat, it should be kept away from the boat.

The photo above shows the smoke-scan. It will continue to burn on the sea without being affected by water. 


White Hand Bath

In addition to the red hand firecrackers used in case of an emergency, there are also white ones. They burn for a shorter period of time and they shine less brightly. The white ones light for 40 seconds and have 10,000 candlelight. Its purpose increases visibility during limited visibility. They are used in situations such as fog and blizzard snowfall.

What is a parachute flare?

It's a rocket-like flare to increase visibility in an emergency. They're red. They comply with SOLAS 74/88 rules. They go up 300 meters and have the power of 30,000 candlelight.

As they ascend, the parachute opens to glide slowly through the air. They have combustion times of at least forty seconds. They have expiration dates, such as hand-held firecrackers, and need to be renewed periodically.

The photo above shows the weather in the parachute cartridges. 


They are waterproof and shaped like thick rods. They're so bright, they can even appear during the day. In our country, we see that they are usually used after matches. Use at sea and outside of an emergency is prohibited and criminal proceedings are applied.

It should be very high when detonating. It rises very quickly and can cause serious damage to the places it hits. It should always be kept in the upright air and away from use. Inadvertent horizontal opening can be dangerous.

flares are designed to be visible from other naval vessels, coastal stations, helicopters and planes. If such a sign is seen, it should be considered that there is a call for help.

The image above shows the visible distance of the parachute flare because of the shape of the earth. 


Learn How to Use

Many boat users do not know how flares work. In case of an emergency, they are likely to be injured as a result of discovering how they work. So you should know these kinds of flares and at least experience them in their training.

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