Distances of View at Sea

  •  30/09/2018
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When sailing at sea, rowing or motor force, one of the most important elements for safety is the visibility. In order to avoid confrontation or kerteriz, healthy vision comes first and foremost and caution should be exercised. Although there are radars for navigational assists today, radars can give "false echoes" due to reflections in some foggy, rainy situations or narrow channels.

For example, it is possible to buy these "false echoes" in the Bosphorus, which has a very strategic and important maritime traffic, both during day and night cruises. So seeing with the eye while cruising is always the safest way.

When visibility is limited;

* Speed must be reduced.

* Voice warning should be given. (whistle, horn, whist, etc.)

* Avoid the waterways of the ships.

* From Chartplotter GPS, depth control should be carried out with the device on board and double checks should be made to the existing position.

050 yardsInsect fog
1200 yardsThick fog
2400 yardsFog
31000 yardsMutedil fog
41 mileHazy
52 milesWeak vision
65 milesMiddle view
710 milesgood visibility
830 milesVery good visibility
930 miles and aboveExcellent vision

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