Audible Warnings and Their Meanings at Sea

  •  16/03/2019
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In certain situations at sea, sound and light signals with different meanings are given. Whistle and Kampana are used to give a sound signal.

These signs usually mean:
• Specifying the manoeuvre the ship is performing,
• Attracting attention to a danger,
• Warning for conduct in accordance with the rules,
• Attracting attention to the person falling into the sea,
• Specifying assets and status in restricted visibility conditions.
It may be intended for the safety of life and property in its form, or it can also be for the presentation of the guide boat itself or simply for goodwill presentation.

Whistle times:

Short whistle: A one-second whistle (●)
Long whistle: A whistle sound lasting 4-6 seconds (the same)

A short whistle
I'm changing course to the flag.
two short whistles
I'm changing my course to the pier.
Three short whistles
My machines are working on the screwis.
Five short whistles
Your intentions are unclear, so go ahead.
Six or more short whistles
A man fell into the sea or an emergency
two long, one short whistle
The "one"
I intend to grow up by your starboard.
two long, two short whistles.●●I intend to pass by your pier.
One long, one short, one long, one short whistle
The "●
Consensus (You can pass the side you specified)
A long whistleA boat approaching the turning place of a canal or pass that cannot be seen due to an obstruction intervenes, or any other side of the turning area or at the distance at the distance where the whistle can be heard The approaching boat also responds to this sign with a long whistle.

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