Sections and names of sailing boats

  •  30/09/2018
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Sections of the Sailing Boat

Main Sail: The large sail of the double sailing boat. It's attached to the pole. It's called THE MAIN SAIL. It is controlled with the help of the main sail ropes (iskotas). In order to give the sail better form, some main sails have slats parallel to the sail from front to back.

Genoa: In the two-sail heads (sloop crest), the small sail in front is called FLOK or GENOA. If the sail in front does not cross the other or passes very little, if the floc passes more than 5% and starts at the top of the mast, it is called genoa.

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Head Of Istralya: It is the wire that allows the mast to stand and supports this mast from the beginning. The head takes the name ISTRALYA. Especially in large sailing heads, it must be intact because it rides large loads on it during the course of the orsa. There are certain dimensions of stress. In order not to be too tense or too empty, tension should be adjusted by setting the blood pressure.

Stern Istralya: The wire that seems to support the mast from behind is also called KI ISTRALYA. Its main task is to bend the mast by stretching in harsh weather, thereby reducing the toru on the sail. Because in harsh weather, we don't want too much tor anyway.

Bumba: A long thin piece that holds the main sail from the bottom and is attached to the mast. Its task is to keep the sail open from the bottom and adjust the form of the sail. The boom is a playing piece. It moves and adjusts continuously according to the wind. Especially when maneuvering under the wind (boci tramola-kavança) in harsh weather, it should be noted that it can move suddenly and very quickly. Therefore, the return should be done carefully.

Mast: It is the main part necessary for the sail to stand above. It's called A DIF. The sail is printed and used with the help of a pole. Their length and material vary according to the length, design and purpose of the boat.

Crucifixion: The wire that supports and holds the mast from the side. It is called the TSARMIH wire. There are two or more pieces on the flag and pier of the sailing boat. During the sailing course, great forces are mounted, especially on the wind-blowing crucifix wire. For this reason, the wind wire appears to be a little more empty. Their settings should be calculated and done by blood pressure measurement.

Borda: A common term for all boats and sailing boats at sea. The sides of the boat are called BORDA.

Head: Each boat gets the same name. It's the head.

Butt: It gets the same name on every boat. It's the KIKI part.

Head Top: Gets the same name on every boat. It's a part called THE HEAD.

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