What is radar? How does it work?

  •  30/09/2018
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Radar is when an electromagnetic wave sent crashes into a target in question, reflects back from the target, and returns to the sender's source, creating an image called radar. In short, radar is an electronic tool that allows the visibility of any object.

In the early 1900s, the development work began. Today it is widely used on all ships, some commercial boats, cruise ships and ferries.

How does radar work?

The radar could be designed for eleven different wavebands from A to Z. Some of these are for aircraft and some have the type of work for on the surface of the earth. Radars used in maritime equipment usually send electromagnetic waves with S bands or x bands. Radar formulates the signal it sends to come back by hitting any surface and gives blgges about position, distance, and speed.

Radars powered by S-band signaling operate in the range of 200 to 400 mHz and can provide information about the wider area. X-band radars operate in the 800-1200 mHz range, with much better resolution, but can scan smaller areas.

Can radar see everything?

Radars can't see any floating objects on the water. The magnetic waves they send must be reflected back, especially by hitting metal-like structures. Therefore, boats made of fiber, wooden boats, floating plates on water, etc. do not reflect back, so it may not appear on radar screens.

What's the Use of Radar?

Radar is the most important assistant of sailors, especially in foggy days when visibility is very low, on night cruises. In the straits where ship traffic is heavy, it will provide information about ship traffic in the region.

What Do You Need to Do to Appear on Radar?

Radar reflectors capable of reflecting back radar waves are used to appear on radar. These reflectors make all kinds of marine vessels made of wood and fiber appear in comfort.

According to the communiqué already published, the radar reflector must be installed in all marine vessels sailing at sea. To make it appear on the radar screen, it would be healthy to attach the reflectors to the highest possible area.

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