Kabak Bay Yacht Travel Guide

  •  17/10/2018
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There are many hidden paradises around Faralya Village, located 16 kilometers east of Fethiye Ölüdeniz. One of them is kabak bay (Gemile Bay) Valley in red pine forests on a hillside prone to the sea. The fact that the sheep are located on the Lycical Way and its unspoiled nature and the appearance of paradise has become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists.
History is gushing all over the bay. Surrounded by steep slopes 800 meters high, the canyon-shaped valley has a small pebbly beach. It has a rare geological structure. Surrounded by high rocks, streams and seas, plant and animal species are prevented from migrating to other regions. The waterfalls formed by springs that appear at an altitude of 300 meters, attract you to the rare beauty of green where it meets blue.

What to Do in Pumpkin Bay?

Aladere Waterfall above is a two-way street. The first way is to make the most of it. Walking the Lycian way, this walk will leave you unforgettable memories with its immaculate air, in a magnificent nature under the local sandalwood, juniper, pine and goatboynuuzu trees. The other way is to make a of the same It is an adventurous journey where you can take a more shortcut by climbing the rocks from time to time.
When you move on to the first waterfall, you continue to walk in a lush nature where life gushes from everywhere and the waters flowing from the slopes form small waterfalls. Interesting rocks formed by the waterfall, tiger butterflies resting on the waterfall wall. Make sure to take this challenging but pleasurable walk to see all these beauties. When you land in the bay, you will be waiting for a stony beach. You will not be able to lie in the gazebos on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sea and swim in this unique sea.
Kabak Bay offers excellent calm to those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, noise and noise pollution. The bay comes across as a trio of nature, hammocks and seas. He can lie under a tree in your sloppy clothes. From where you lie, you can take pictures of squirrels in the tree and accompany the songs of the cicades at night. Aladere Falls, which glides through the rocks and tells you the beauty of every second with its 200-meter sandy beach, glassy turquoise sea, and forest of pine and juniper forests. Let's take a little stroll through this beautiful little bay.

Places to See in Kabak Bay

Valley of the Butterflies: a special gift from the fairy land to the real world. The valley has a different atmosphere with its waterfall flowing in summer and winter, its immaculate sea and every shade of green and its colourful flowers. With its steep rocks and magnificent sea shuddering into the valley, it is as if you are entering a dream world… Tiger butterflies, which are rare in the world, give the valley a magnificent view.
Blue Cave: It is possible to reach this cave in two ways. The cave is very close to the beach and it is possible to swim to the cave. But sometimes the big waves make it hard to get to the rocks. Another way is to go by land.
The Blue Cave connects to the sea from the bottom of the water and light enters through this hole. For this reason, the cave is called blue cave. There is a pool big enough to swim in the cave, and you are surrounded by blue harems with light games while swimming in this pool.
Be sure to watch the sunset from the beach. From the top of the 800-meter mountains, the view of nature creates a magnificent landscape. And if you come across a full moon, you'll feel the luckiest person in the world. But don't worry if you didn't. Watch the Milky Way at night at your feet.

What to Eat in Pumpkin Bay?

Breakfasts in the bay are a feast. Hot village bread, eggs, goat cheese, tahini, molasses, various products made from olives of the region, homemade jams and fragrant honeys… Fruit soup made with fried dough, broth and spices, tingil soup made with onion, pepper and bulgur, meat closure, bulgur, eggplant with meat, sheet pastry, herb pancakes, radish, pomegranate sour, garlic, onion and spices made with creep, bulgur, Made with roasted meats and spices, the meat made with meat pastry, chicken, cornflour and spices, the arabian vaccine, made with starch and eaten with molasses on top of the rotating dessert are the local flavors of the region. .

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