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  •  19/02/2020
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About Mugla

Looking for clean, warm water, sunlight and friendly locals? The coast of Mugla province of Turkey may be exactly what you need. Mugla is just a jumping point from Greece, where the Aegean Sea meets the Southern Mediterranean. You will find world-class tourist attractions with amazing beaches such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, resorts with all facilities and lively nightlife. But the blue Mediterranean waters are in a few days (or weeks … If you're looking for months, why stay in a facility like the others? Mugla coast is an ideal sailing destination, another best experience off the coast of Turkey is a gulet tour. The standard route is a three-night getaway from Fethiye to Marmaris (or other way) including pristine beaches and emerald bays and visits to ancient Lycan ruins and secluded islets. Or you can choose a longer expedition and sail all the way to the Aegean Islands – Kos and Rhodes are just a short pass away. How about exploring Mugla? Keep browsing our lists and start exploring!

Mugla, which is described as "earth paradise", welcoming more than 3 million tourists each year and has the longest coastline in Turkey with 1,484 kilometers, is one of the holiday facilities offered to tourists from different countries. "has become a familiar brand now.

Tourists who want to make a "blue journey" in mugla's famous bays have easy access to the holiday they dreamed of by renting yachts and boats as well as tours. The blue journey is among the first preferences of tourists holidaying in Mugla. Many of the tourists go on a blue journey in gokova bay, English Port, Smashing, Göcek, Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kizilada, Datca and Hisaronu bays.

"Blue journey is the brand of Mugla"

Those who want to embark on an immersive journey in the most beautiful bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean sea, in the natural environment where thousands of shades of green and blue mix together, prefer the blue journey. Private tours in the area are an ideal choice for families and groups of friends who want to roam freely on their designated routes.

"Holidaymakers spend time intertwined with nature"

Holidaymakers who come to Mugla and tourist districts with luxury yachts from different countries of the world for the holiday also enjoy the sun and natural beauties by anchoring in the desolate and tranquil bays of Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datca and Gökova Bay on their own boats it's taking it off.

Paradise Island in Bodrum, Yaliçiftlik, Bitez, Gumusluk, Gundogan, Göltürkbükü and Bag off the bays rented or owned by mega yachts holidaymakers, spends time intertwined with nature. In the Gulf of Gokova, holidaymakers are more likely to enjoy going into the sea off Cedar Island and Akyaka. Mega yachts stand out for their flamboyant stances in blue waters.

Where to go in Mugla?

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, Mugla is home to the most important and recognized resorts of our country all over the world. So when you go to Mugla, there are so many places you can travel and see that you may have difficulty deciding which one to go to. Mugla's pupil holiday centers are:

  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris
  • Datca
  • Köyceğiz
  • Dalaman
  • Fethiye
  • Marmaris

As you can see, Mugla is a province with almost all the centers that come to mind when it comes to the holiday. However, it is worth noting that we are not going to be able to do this. Mugla is one of the largest provinces of our country in terms of land measurement and the distance between these districts is longer than you think. In other words, to choose one of the favorite resorts of the province which is ideal for vacationing in Mugla. But of course I like to travel, I'll stay everywhere one day, but you may think I'd like to see all the centers, if your preference is such a traveling holiday, make sure that walking in Mugla will be a great place because every corner of the province is a paradise and both natural and natural. It will easily amaze you with its historical beauties.

Private Charter boat and Rental Alternatives in Mugla

As in all Mediterranean and Aegean regions, it is possible to rent boats or yachts in Mugla. Charter boats and yachts are usually classic Turkish wooden sailboats, motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans. Sailboats and catamarans can be rented by attendants or boats (including fuel and all other costs paid by tenants). For trips with friends or business activities, there are yacht agencies renting sailing fleets in and around Mugla.

If you wish, you can review the rental boats in Mugla via our marinayacht website and create an appointment instantly. For more information, visit the Mugla Charter Edifypage.

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