12 Coastal Towns to See in the Mediterranean

  •  26/10/2018
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The Mediterranean coast is where the summer and spring never end, where winter only salutes and passes. With its pristine nature, immaculate sea, air, calm and peaceful lives, temperate climate, it immediately picks up those who come from the big cities.

You fall in love with one of these Mediterranean seaside towns the first time you go, you decide to live there the second time, and the third time, no one can bring you back anymore. Just to keep in mind. Here are the 12 most adorable seaside towns in the Mediterranean you don't want to be late to explore.

1 – Trimouth

Trimouth is located in Demre, Antalya, one of Turkey's holiday and tourism paradises. Trimouth, whose past goes back a long time; A place where history, green and blue intertwine.

2 – Side

Side, which is connected to Manavgat, is a 21st-century city in an ancient city. It'll make you feel what it's like to live the 21st century. And that feeling will make you more in love with this land. You can be sure of that. Everywhere you've crossed and looked, you'll start chasing the traces of history. And I'm sure your outlook on life will change a lot after you've had that experience.

3 – Arsuz

Arsuz is just one of hatay's unspoiled, quiet coastal towns. Arsuz is a town where you can eat the most natural of everything and witness a life free from stress.

4 – Cleopatra

Cleopatra, located in Alanya district of Antalya, has a beauty that confirms the legendary story of its sands. With its immaculate sea, golden slender sands and wonderful nature, it fascinates foreign tourists as well as local tourists who come to visit.

5 – Tekirova

Tekirova welcomes those who come with blue and green in Kemer district of Antalya. In Tekirova, where you can do a lot of extrem sports, you'll feel more like you're actually a part of nature.

6 – Finike

Orange's homeland is what I call finike in Antalya. History accompanies the fragrance that the orange trees spread around the streets. Finike, a three-sided protected place with mountains, is one of our coastal towns dominated by the Mediterranean climate.

7 – Anamur

As soon as you come to Anamur in Mersin, you'll feel like you've come to a tropical city. The exotic appearance of banana trees everywhere and the traces of history will haunt you here. You'll be amazed at how your soul rests as you sit by the immaculate, deep blue sea and watch the lush Taurus.

8 – Ovaries

Adana is a quiet fishing town as well as ovarian. Ovary surrounded by medieval historical ruins; Combining the unique harmony of sea, sun and sand with history, it continues to present.

9 – Tisan

Tisan, known as the ancient city of Aphrodisias, consists of both a peninsula and an island. This is a magnificent view with two thin sandy bays, which are attached to the peninsula, and the island in front of just one of the bays. It's worth mentioning that Tisan, who's connected to Silifke, is at the top of the list, where people will never grow old.

10 – Stoneman

Witnessing an adventure from holmi city to the Seleucid empire where Silifke is the capital and from there to the Ottoman empire and the Republic of Turkey, Tasucu is sunny 300 days a year. Tasucu also has the quality of the door of the young country to Turkey. In addition, the dalyan region in Tasucu is protected as a breeding ground for loggerhead carettas and blue crabs.

11 – Karatas

Its paradise beach shows itself among the longest beaches in Turkey. Adana Karatas is also a small fishing town where sea and history are intertwined and is the most delicious of caval, chocolate and mullet in fish farms in the 3 dalyan regions it hosts, as well as caviar and jumbo shrimp. And while you've been this far, don't come back without tasting them.

12 – Samandağ

Samandag, located in Hatay, was once a place of summer homes for high-income people in the province, but today it is a country side that has remained a little quieter. So it's a good idea to explore the Cevlik region and the Marine area.

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