Marmara Island, Asmali Shelter Navigation and Travel Guide

  •  13/01/2019
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Especially in the first spring, the location of the Asmali Shelter is important in the list of places where yachts can fit in their south-moving cruises. The Asmali Shelter is about 70 nautical miles from Istanbul and is located on the southern side of Marmara Island. It is a very small village with hangingand in winter it has very little population.

Marmara Island southeast coast (40 36 54N, 27 42 26E) approaching the Asmali Shelter in the east of Marmara Island as the Asmaliada lighthouse as the village of Asmalia dam minaret village and the entrance of the shelter is determined by the mendirek lighthouse tower it is obvious.

The port is closed to all winds and is very sheltered. The depth within the harbor is about 4 meters and there is no vault system in the harbor, iron can be anchored to the ground from the stern or the concrete scaffolding can be on board. The port does not have an operator, the fishermen in the vicinity will support you when you approach. There is no accommodation fee and no electricity-water service.

Asmaliada lighthouse F1 (3) 12 M in the approach at night, asmali village lights and mast light fg3M are the obvious substances. The shelter entrance is open to the west and closed to all winds, and during periods when the stars and puydles are blowing hard, the shelter descends from the high mountains and affects the in-house. The binding places are as shown in the plan. In the shelter where water supply is possible, the supply of other needs is limited.

Accommodation and need

Generally, Marmara Island is an ideal place for accommodation, as it is conveniently located and sheltered. There is also a small market for the supply of your needs. The market also makes toast and is very interested in guests. In summer, there is a small restaurant where you can eat fish, but it is closed many times. Hanging is one of our favorite places for its calmness and shelter.

Approach, Introduction, Warnings

It is possible to be attached to the anchors in the port where other boats do not throw regularly, it is recommended to be careful. In case of too close approach to the dock with Tonistan, pay the utmost attention not to hit the machete, in some areas there is rock at the bottom.

Docking, Mooring

When you enter, the dock in the east is reserved for guest boats. In this shelter, which is very shallow inside, it is useful to throw iron almost across the shore. The bottom is made of sand and noodles. It's hard to hold. The other alternative is to be on an abort to one of the fishing engines docked on the dock.


This is a small town. Market, Restaurant, Tube, Water you can see your needs. If there is a long cable, electricity can be supplied from the bottom of the mast.

Contact information

Former Shelter President Azem Bey: 0 534 544 52 38

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