What is marina? What is the port? Differences between

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What is marina?

The marina term, which was first used in the United States, is used for modern, advanced ports where yacht owners can dock. The marina, which can be defined in different ways, such as a yacht station and port, is a complex consisting of floating rafts that allow the yachts to be securely connected side by side and has convenience facilities to meet all the needs of the yachtsmen. These facilities include fresh water, gasoline and power lines brought up to the boats, maintenance and repair services, a shop selling shipping materials, laundry service, a clubhouse with bars and showers, food shops, parking lots and access to highways. Sortable.

Marinas can have special areas such as social areas, nightclubs and fitness rooms for guests staying. It is usually managed by private companies. There are 5 municipal marinas in Turkey. In addition, repairs, winter maintenance, electrical support, drinking water, cleaning and similar services are provided for boats and yachts.

Various marinas have been established in all countries where yachting is widespread in the world. These range from small marinas of 100 boats to giant marinas of 2,000 boats, such as florida and California.

You can visit the Marinas section to inspect the marinas in Turkey.

What is the port?

Port; the parking lot of marine vessels such as ships and boats, the trade center where ships unload and load their cargo, the places that host cranes and usually include customs. It especially intersects with railway and road exits. It is established in economically developed places.

It is a natural or made shelter with facilities suitable for ships docking, loading and trapping cargo and passengers on the sea or river shores. In order for a place to be used as a port, it is important to make sure that it is a place that is well protected from large waves and wind. If these features are not sufficient, the port is made available with various attachments. In this respect, ports are divided into "natural ports", "making ports" and "semi-made ports".

These ports where ships are protected from all kinds of natural influences can be counted as Sinop Port in Turkey, Hong Kong, New York and Rio de Janeiro ports around the world. An example of the making ports established on the offshore shores and protected by rippers from large waves is Mersin Port. Although it is not natural enough, semi-making ports requiring breakwaters are quite common in Turkey and around the world.

Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Giresun, Bandirma, Izmir, Mersin, Antalya and Iskenderun are the most important ports in Turkey. In the world, London, Southampton (England); Hamburg, Bremen (Germany); Rotterdam (Netherlands); Le Havre, Marseille (France); Barcelona (spain); Lisbon (Portugal); Naples, Genoa (italy); Piraeus (Greece); New York, Boston (USA); Osaka (Japan) and Bombay (India) are the main ports.

Differences between Marina and Port

Marinas are more developed than anything. It serves mostly for the owners of yachts and boats to stay for a long time. Ports are commercial locations established for larger cargo ships and commercial vessels, with shipyards and cranes.

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