Leros Island Travel Guide

  •  02/10/2019
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After a very busy winter, I said, “I will not work in the summer this year,” and it did not happen again. You know, I give tourism, PR and organization consultancy. I share with you the destinations that I have experienced through the eyes of the tourist. This summer, my dream was to finish at least 10 of the Greek islands. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the islands I’ve been to, and I wasn’t going to go anymore. Even though I made a move in July and August and tried, I had to change all my programs because of the organizations. But I didn’t. On the islands I’ve been dreaming about all year, sometimes the memories I’ve had with myself and sometimes with my friends are the architects of the next year.

I love the Aegean in September and October, the sea will be magnificent, everyone has returned to their country, you will only meet the people of the island and small groups of tourists… And you’ll find people like me who know that the Aegean tastes much more enjoyable these months!

Let’s start exploring Leros!

Life in Leros is quite enjoyable with its history dating back to ancient times, beautiful bays that fascinate you with its turquoise colors, gourmet delicacies, colorful architecture, friendly people, quiet, quiet beaches and economic hotels. The island, one of the twelve islands, is also called ileyoz. 8,000 people live on the island!

I’ve actually been to Leros on a private boat before, but we haven’t been long before, so it’s time to get a more extensive ride.

The residents of Leros are as helpful and friendly as we are. Those who know I’m Turkish start talking about the old ones! Did you know that Leros lived under Ottoman patronage for 400 years?

Fishing and tourism are the people’s livelihoods! For the first time, this island seems so different to me than any other island! The people of this island are nothing like the people of the other island!

A livelihood of the island is also a famous hospital. This is an island where people with mental problems come and heal! Wherever there are those who seek remedy in the bottomless wells, heal them all!

During the conversation with my host,”you are not From Greece” I said, “Yes, I’m not, but my wife is from Leros” he said. Tina is a lovely Lady from Denmark. 33 years ago, he came to this island on a vacation with his family and fell in love with his wife. They resigned from the holiday, returned to the island, and soon married. They have two children, now 25 and 17. Do you know who his wife is? Mayor of the island. Look at fate, I met Tina’s wife at an invitation from the Greek Consulate in Istanbul, and that’s what it’s like to get back together years later!

How to get to Leros

You can reach Leros Island from Bodrum or Turgutreis by ferry in approximately 1.5 hours. Leros from Turgutreis is a little closer.

I bought my tickets on ferrylines’ website.

Ferry Fares vary, so take a look at the site if you like.

By plane you can take istanbul to Leros via Athens or Thessaloniki.

Accommodation in Bodrum-Turgutreis

I wanted to stay in Turgutreis, where I have been living in 44 years since my childhood, instead of staying in the center because I went to Bodrum late and visited a few islands. I found the Marin-A Hotel at the closest distance. I chose this boutique hotel because it is across from the marina and 2 minutes’ walk from the harbor. The rooms are beautiful and arranged according to the needs of the customers. You don’t have to go at full speed to catch the ferry in the morning because it’s a marina directly opposite. You can have a pleasant Bodrum breakfast and go on the road with ease! And the staff is very helpful.

Places to See in Leros?

With a history dating back to antiquity, you can explore the monuments and collections of thousands of years of the island’s museums.

The War Museum in Lakki is a 4th-century Church of Panaghia tis Gourlomatas.

Panaghia Kyra (Virgin Mary) Monastery

Panteli Castle/ The castle at the top where you will witness the wonderful views of the island!

Agios IsidorosChaeli

Lakki Harbour is the island’s largest port.

The old Windmills salute you from the top!

Bellenis Castle is worth a visit.

Leros’ Free Beaches

From the coast of Leros you can swim anywhere. At no cost! So I went into the sea for half an hour, half an hour in every bay. So you can enjoy every sheep on the island!

Panteli Bay : A modern and beautiful area full of restaurants in Leros!

Alinda Beach :Actually I wanted to stay on alinda side but there was no place in hotels! If I come back, I’ll definitely stay in hotels in Alinda Beach. I talked to the owner of a new hotel, and they’re already booked next year! Luckily, he promised to give me a room!

Leros’ longest beach, I think, is in Gourma…

Drymonas is close to Gourma!

Vromolithos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Leros.

Dyo LisgaraAlinda is one of my favorite beaches at the end.

KoulouokiLakki. It’s a lovely beach.

About a mile after Merkies Lakki.

BlefutiPartheni is pretty beautiful on the side.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Leros Xirokambos

Bellenis Castle and Tower are on the way from Agia Marina to Alinda Beach.

Please have your camera with you at all times. There are so many beautiful shots, I can’t tell you.

Agios Georgios Daily Cruises

I suggest you also take part in the daily island tours of Agios Georgios from Agia Mariana. You get up at 11:00 a.m. and you’re at the port in the evening at 7:00 p.m. Great bays are waiting for you to swim.

Aiolos Cruises

Another boat tour is a motor yacht that helps you explore the bays of Leros, which depart at 11:00.

Eating, drinking and Nightlife in Leros

Leros’ Restaurants and Smurf Cafes

Leros tastes more economical than other islands!

Alinda Hotel’s restaurant is also very nice.

You can taste seafood at Dimitri’s To Steki restaurant.

Kavos Tou Vasili is a great place to eat by the sea at Alinda Beach with your feet in the water!

Milos is one of the most intense Turkish influx restaurants… You can sunbathe upstairs and dine downstairs. I can’t say it’s good for all the food. The owner also owned a house in Cihangir.

At the marina, TA KROUPIA Souvlaki and Gyros (a little more change of swirl in our pita) is the best place to go to eat!

Don’t forget to stop by the lovely sweet shop of Karpathaki Niki, a Turkish friend in Aya Marina, and taste cookies, tarts, glacta borekto and orange or special desserts! Please say hello to me too!

You can meet your every need at Food For You Vretos Market. There are still small grocery stores on the island. I shopped at the big market in Platanos.

I found the gum jams and gum essence I always bought from Chios in Leros, and the suitcase was full again!

Nightlife in Leros

Meltemi in Aya Marina is a place where Turks hang out. Retro can be tried in Faros.

Leros Accommodation

If you’re looking for 5-star hotel comfort in Leros, forget it. Four stars at the most!

Obviously, reservations are made a year in advance and it’s hard to find last-minute places on the island.

It’s hard to find a place if you book in the last 3 hours because of a change of schedule when you’re going to another island like me. I took the last room and stayed at platanos. Platanos is a region where the island is ruled and where the locals live. Turns out I stayed at the Mayor of Leros’ house. Two days later, I learned from his wife, Tina. He invited me to the Fishermen’s Festival. They cook fish on a barbecue, cook and eat big sardines. The whole people dance hand in hand without saying children.

If you prefer 4-star hotel comfort, Crithoni’s Paradise Hotel, Archantika Angelou, Leros Princess may be among your preferences.

Giakalis House, Angelika, Villa Katerina, Alinda Hotel are quite beautiful hotels and hostels.

Alidian Bay Suites hotel in Alinda Beach is new and immaculate. The rooms are all suites. It’s got a kitchen in it. Families with children prefer it more. My favorite hotel, Alidian Bay Suites, is already full of reservations for the year.

Alinda Alea Mare Hotel is one of the small hostels for me. It’s clean and by the sea. The upper floors overlook the sea. As far as I’m concerned, you should choose the upstairs rooms.

Answers to Questions You Ask on Instagram and Facebook

*Is Leros Island an economic island? It’s more economical than other islands, Leros.

*Should we choose local ferries or Turkish ferries? Local ferries are a bit small and our old ferries are quite new and modern. My choice is our ferries. We’re good at it, too.

* Should we rent a car on the island? I didn’t rent it because it’s a small island, so I like to get lost in the streets and explore new places.

*A door visa is not valid for Leros. Leros needs a Schengen visa. You can travel to Samos, Kos, Rhodes,, Chios and Meis islands by applying for a gate visa.

* What ferry did I take to Leros? Bodrum- Leros Yeşilmarmaris

Leros with Turgutreis Catalines.

*Have you had any problems even though you’ve only traveled?

No. As opposed to having no problems at all, they all helped a lot!

There were a lot of taxis because of the fishermen’s festival, and for the first time in my life, When I asked a lady, “Can I pay you if you take me to my hotel?” He brought me to my hotel and demanded nothing. Thank you, Katerina. We became friends and the next morning he warned me about the weather, “if you want a little windy weather, change your ticket to tomorrow.” That’s how sweet the islanders are. Go girl-on-girl, go one way and nothing will happen. It’s the first time I’ve felt so safe on an island.

Thanks for Great Squares

I finished the article and when I saw that there was a problem with my camera’s card when I edited the photos and i had little time to catch up with the broadcast, I thought of Captain Pilot Derya Gunaç, one of the great people I met on Leros Island. The photos came. He said, “Would you share some of your photos about the candidate with me?” When I asked him, the photos were immediately sent to me. I’ll tell you what, God, you’ll have beautiful people in front of you. Every day in the morning, I pray, “God, please compare me to well-meaning people.” My prayers today have been answered, thank God! Dear Derya Gunalayan, everything in your heart flows into your heart! I’m glad you’re here! By the way, he’s a captain of Pegasus Airlines. If you come across a great tone of voice in pegasus airlines flights, know that Captain Derya Guncan

I wish you a pleasure!

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