Coastal Village, Kirklareli

  •  09/11/2018
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Coastal village is a coastal town. In this coastal town, locals usually make a living from fishing. The town has come to prominence with its natural beauties and has received a lot of media attention.

Information about Sahilköy

The town's population was 2443 in the 2000 census. The entire area of the town is full of forests and greenery. At the same time, the Voicing rivers of Pabuçdere and Kazandere are poured into the Black Sea through this town. The people of the region make a living from fishing and woodwork from time to time. Another feature that makes this place important in terms of tourism is that it is one of the oldest stone carving monasteries in the world. The name of this monastery is Aya Nikola Monastery. Next to the town there is a small area called Bahçeköy. This town is highly preferred for day trips.

The area, which is very close to the city, is a green paradise in the eyes of visitors. The area, which is also very noticeable for its proximity to the city, actually carries no trace of the city and gives you a space to relax your soul. Thrace's rare larch trees are found in the region. This place has managed to attract attention with its vegetation as well as its calmness.

What to do in Coastal Village?

You enter the area through an ancient gate. You can examine this door thoroughly and take various pictures. The door adds a very rare feel to the area. If you go forward after the door without deviating, you'll reach the seaside. A small port has been established here. There are a variety of wooden piers in this harbor. Here you can feed the seagulls a little and enjoy the view. You can watch the fishing boats at the back and chat with the locals. Since the area is a very quiet place, there's not much to do. After you eat fish and watch the view here, you won't want to do anything more and you'll try to look a little deeper into this view. If you wish to stay here, various hostels will be available. There are approximately 20 hostels in the area. Enjoy a quiet holiday in your room, where sea and nature views come together.

What to Eat in Coastal Village?

Coastal village, as we mentioned, is a fishing town. You can't come back to this town without eating a fish. You can have a fish feast at the Restaurant Kiosk Restaurant. This is the business that is located in the trees and you can watch the view of this town all the way through. All visitors to the area will have a meal here and then return.

Where and How to Get To Sahilköy?

It is located in The Vize district of Sahilköy, Kirklareli province. If you wish, you can come here from Istanbul Esenler Bus Station with bus services organized by various companies. If you wish, you can reach the area with your own vehicle. The area is approximately 170 kilometers from Istanbul. If you are coming to the region with your vehicle, you should deviate from edirne road to Cookievillage and then continue in the direction of Sahilköy.

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