Battery Use When Ironing

  •  04/10/2018
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We use our iron a lot during the summer season. We know that our electric surges a lot of current from our batteries. We share tricks to avoid damaging batteries during mooring.

We know that service battery capacity is not sufficient, especially on our sailing boats or on sailing yachts we rent. Moreover, in operations where a lot of current is drawn, such as mooring, the discharge and difficulty of our batteries cannot be ignored. To best protect your service batteries, we wanted to explain the recommendations below.

* When ironing, instead of using the electric river, it will be both fast and will not waste energy from the battery by emptying the chain from the lock on the cavelet, allowing the iron to be thrown by gravity.

* When shooting iron with an electric wet, when you give the engine idle gas, the engine alternator will feed your batteries more because it charges better at high speeds and will try to replace the relatively lost capacity.

* If, instead of pulling the iron suddenly, empty in between, the chain is relieved, there will be less burden on the river and less strain.

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