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  •  20/02/2020
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What is Gulet?

The traditional Turkish Guleti is a wooden wooden boat built by the masters of the masters. Known as motor sailboats, gulets are ideal for coastal trips and long sea cruises. Because they offer extremely comfortable viewing pleasure. It is known that the first construction of gulets began in Bodrum region in Turkey. However, due to the increasing demand and growing market, production is also being carried out in Bozburun, Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul today.

Another feature of gulets is that they are made by local carpenter masters and are completely crafted. Gulets built from the timber of trees such as pines, chestnuts, teaks and mahogany for hundreds of years in the shipyards in the Aegean region are both motorized and sailing. Unlike light sailing boats used for sports purposes, the breathing lengths are not long. With these characteristics, gulets are very convenient to dock and anchor on the shores and shallow waters. Gulet as native-made designs (travel boats with round stern section), Mirrorstern (yachts with a raised and squared ass and available for additional cabins if compared to Gulet) and Tirhandil (pointed stern sections of the oldest local wooden yachts) can be shown as the design.

Unlike large ocean ships, Guletle is hidden on the coast and is often able to explore the meruk bays and bays. Small ports and settlements cannot reflect the real sense of large ships
they offer a friendly appearance. In a way, gulet room can be likened to a full-service hotel where the landscape overlooking the sea is constantly changing. According to the contemporary requirements of today's human being
Gulets, which have been redesigned in recent years, have different sizes, different standards and different passenger capacity. Modern Gulets are yachts where you can find all the comfort sits in a house. They all have comfortable cabins, showers, toilets, lounges, sunbathing areas. Usually the stern decks of the boats are used for food and relaxation. The front deck is considered a sun terrace.
The decks are planned according to the requirements of daily life. Each boat has a boot with a pad duplicity and/or paddle from the stern. We have created categories to bring a standard to our yachts: these are traditional yachts, traditional air-conditioned yachts, luxury yachts, de-luxury yachts and high de-luxury yachts…

Traditional Gulets: With no air conditioner, usually double beds in each cabin, wardrobe, own toilet, warm and cold, with a shower with a pull-up shower from the bathroom, which we call the barber type,
usually with 3 crew, kitchen and appliances capable of serving 3 meals per day, interior and exterior dining sections, a comfortable seating area on deck, stereo radio-tape, all kinds of safety
yachts with features such as equipment, freezer, motor ized ding, fishing rod, snorkeling materials, sun bathing cushions. Clean bed sets and bath towels will also find ready for use in your cabin.

Traditional Air-Conditioned Gulets: The features on our traditional yachts are also boats with air conditioning.

Luxury Gulets: These yachts are a little newer than standard gulets, in addition to the above features, air conditioning, shower cabin, better sailing equipment, generator, canoe, TV in the lounge, as well as yachts with different extra equipment on each yacht.

De-luxury Gulets: new, full sailing equipment, wider beds, some with single-double bed cabins and master's cabins, GPS, ice
yachts with much more luxurious equipment, such as machines.

High De-luxury Gulets: Are the most luxurious yachts in Turkey. Although all cabins are master cabins, the 6-star hotel has a jacuzzi, TV in each room and many luxury equipment such as these
yachts in the comfort of.

Accommodation in Gulets

The design of traditional Turkish gulets has evolved over the ages and today has taken the form of a modern gulet, a luxury floating hotel with a length ranging from 15 to 55 meters (50-180 feet). The length of gulet is not directly proportional to passenger capacity. For example, there may be three guest cabins in a 20-meter gulette, or this number can be six. Having more cabins of the same size requires cabins to be smaller. But in general, boats with multi-cabins six and above are made up of tall erroneous gulets.

For gulets of all sizes and categories, all cabins are designed to meet the needs of the guest. Bed, wardrobe, separate shower and toilet etc. However, extra comfort equipment such as armchair sets, a chiffon, a desk and a jacuzzi are also available, depending on the size of the cabins and the luxury of the boat. For the crew, there are independent cabins from guest cabins.


Passenger safety and comfort in gulets are the highest priority. Each gulet has plenty of clean water and fuel tank. In addition, VHF is equipped with full navigation and safety equipment such as radios, GSM phones, life rafts, life jackets and fire extinguishers. All these security measures and technology eliminate any possible crisis and make your holiday at sea enjoyable.


Private Yacht Rental : Private gulet rental means that all gulets are allocated to you with your staff in the date range of your rental. During the rental period, you can take any route within the limits set by your rental contract and design a holiday as you wish, regardless of any fixed schedule. You can shop for your own rations or purchase our ready-made menu packages, and you may not be connected to a standard restricted menu. To spend a luxurious holiday at sea with your family or enjoy the sea and fun with close friends, renting a special gulet is the best option. Choose from traditional, classic, luxurious or super luxury yacht rental options to suit your budget and have an unforgettable holiday experience that you'll want to come back and over again.

If you wish, you can review the rental boats in all of Turkey through our marinayacht website and create an appointment instantly. For more information, visit the Gulet Rental page.

Cabin Rental: One or more cabins can be rented on a shared tour of cabin rentals. Itinerary, meal times, food content continue in a standard program. Usually in cabin tours made in traditional gulets, the goal is not to take a vacation on a luxury yacht, but to enjoy the spirit and pleasure of the blue journey. If you can't create enough group for a private gulet rental or stay above your budget plan, cabin rental can give you a pleasant blue tour holiday. You can spend your holiday the best by renting a cabin to have a nice travel experience, expand your social environment and make new friends on the boat.

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