Gocek Sailing and Travel Guide

  •  08/01/2019
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Gocek is one of the most beautiful sailing regions of our country. Since the sea temperature above 25 degrees is a closed area due to its geographical location, it does not make waves and does not blow stormy winds almost all days of summer.

The Name of The Holiday in Gocek Is Definitely Sailing

Gocek has more than 25 bays that do not have access by car or walk by land. The sea of these bays is navy blue, its nature is lush up to sea level. The most enjoyable way to reach and stay in these beautiful bays is the sailboats.

Sailing in Gocek is especially safe for novice sailors. The sea is stagnant, the wind is calm, the water is clean, it is a closed geography. In some bays that do not have land transportation, they have restaurants that serve only yachtsmen.

Sailing Charter Advice in Gocek

Sailing is generally thought to be a luxury and high prices. In a way, it is true, but this is the case outside Budget Sailing, which was established in 2003 in Gocek Center and aims to endear sailing to the middle and middle with its affordable prices.

For those who are looking to sail with pleasure, you can find affordable alternatives for all those who are considering sailing in groups of 3-4 people at Budget Sailing. Hasan Bey, the founder of the company, will provide all kinds of support with a friendly. Budget Sailing

Bays in Gocek

Some of the bays in Gocek are untouched, there are no settlements, and some of them have only restaurants. In addition, sailors who have difficulty anchoring and can be connected to empty vault buoys in the bays to prevent the deterioration of the bottom structure. They are orange, easily seen.

Service at Sea

In Gocek, you can find a grocery store, pancakeshop and ice cream parlor for yachtsmen who constantly visit boats in the bays. For example, Migros' two-storey 30-meter motoryacht, carrefour's gullet, Gocek Market boat, will make you comfortable and enjoyable for providing all the products you will need to visit. Moreover, the prices are the same as those on land.

Food in Gocek Bays

There are restaurants run by local people in Gocek, Little Sarsala, Gobun, Shipyard Island, Badr Rahmi, Hamam Bays. Some of them carry water and electricity are brought by solar panels and food is brought by boats. One of the most beautiful restaurants is located in Little Sarsala Bay. The operator, Sezgin Bey, supports the connection of boats, showers and toilet facilities. The nature and tastes of the restaurant are excellent.

Sailing Service in Gocek

If you are in Gocek with your boat, you can also find a loft where you can make your sail repairs to the beya. Mert and Serkan Beys, under the brand one sail, both sailing, bimini, sprayhood production and repairs are made in quality at the best prices.


Our recommendations include:

To rent yelkeli, Hasan Bey from Budget Sailing Turkey.com 0536 818 04 05

For dinner in the bays, Sezgin Bey from Little Sarsala 0542 235 50 67

For sailing repairs/maintenance, Mert Bey from One Sails 0533 722 62 32

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