Dalaman’s Paradise Corner, Sarsala Bay Yacht Travel Guide

  •  18/10/2018
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Sarsala Bay

Sarsala, a bay about 15 kilometers away from The Dalaman district of Mugla with its small pier, sheltered structure and serene waters, has a heavenly resemblance with its unspoiled nature and deep blue sea. Enjoy diving into the clear waters of this magnificent sheep, which you will be under the influence of beauty as soon as you first see it, and swim with the fish.

Sarsala Bay, located on the borders of Kapukargin village in Dalaman, is one of the most beautiful bays and beaches of the Aegean region and hides a magnificent nature behind its winding hills. Standing in the middle of the village road with all its majesty, the huge tree and the first-timers, 'I wonder if this is sarsala this place' that the people who crossed Kocagöl and reached Sarsala, are amazed by the unique landscape they encountered.

Sarsala Bay, which is a shelter for holidaymakers as well as boats with its calm and peaceful waters, is a place where you can enjoy a fearless swim with its own eponymous beach with a slightly stony but untidy sea like a sheet. Local and foreign tourists, as well as local people are very popular on the beach, on one side, those who have fun with their luxury yachts on the other side of the picnic or grazing their goats can be seen the villagers.

After swimming in the clean and deep blue waters of Sarsala, where the weather starts to warm up in the spring, because the water is not cold, you can explore the area by following the paths in the rocky area around the beach. There is also an old customs warehouse building of historical value in the area of the cliffs surrounded by pine and needle trees.

What about entertainment?

You have to pay a fee of two and a half pounds to enter Sarsala Beach, which also offers the chance to benefit from various recreational activities such as beach volleyball, bananas, etc. Those who want to use sun beds also pay a fee for it. The café's food is also delicious and affordable, with lifeguard service, toilet and shower facilities on the beach.

Offering colourful views to its guests, Sarsala is the only land-accessible bay in Dalaman, so there is a busy crowd of people during the summer. For this reason, you can make your holiday more enjoyable by visiting here on weekdays instead of on weekends or in May and September, when the season is quieter.

In Sarsala, where there is a taxi stand used mainly for transportation to the district center or the airport by those approaching the bay on luxury yachts, the area allocated as a parking lot creates an unmaintained image besides the beauty of sheep.


How to get to Sarsala

You can visit Sarsala Bay, 24/7. You must pay a fee of TL 10 to access the beach located here. The nearest airport to reach Sarsala Bay is located in Dalaman. Although the number of flights is small during the winter period, it is possible to find flights to Dalaman almost every hour with the arrival of the summer period. After Dalaman Airport, you can reach Sarsala by renting a car or using local transportation facilities.

It is possible to start out with the excitement of discovering new places in the Aegean region and turn your route to Sarsala for an unforgettable travel experience.

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