After Cruising – Monthly and Annual Boat Maintenance Techniques

  •  27/03/2019
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In this article, I aimed to give care advice to amateur sea lovers who are just starting to cruise and have bought their new boat. Even if you don't use your boat, it will always need care. Sailors and boat owners are well aware, the maintenance of the boat is not sufficient with ground maintenance and requires continuous maintenance for 24 hours, 365 days.

Maintenance After Cruising

  1. Do not leave your boat and coat of arms salty. Especially on sunny days in summer, if your board is colourful, the burning sun combined with salt will burn jelkotu and paint. Wash the sailboat nicely.
  2. If anchored, wash your anchor cabinet, chain, anchor and river.
  3. Never overload on irgat. Just keep the chain a little tight.
  4. Insert your coastline feed to charge the batteries.
  5. If you are out of a rainy day, do not leave your wet goods on the boat for too long.
  6. Don't forget the food scraps and trash on the boat, it will make a smell in a short time.

How to Maintain and Clean Fiber Boats?

Monthly Care

  1. Even if you can't get to sea, start the sailboat's engine once a week, then do it back and forth with the engine after the engine is heated, allowing the water to flow well under the boat. The propeller and abdomen will be cleaned.
  2. Run the seawater foot pump and toilets at least once a week. You prevent bacterial growth and lime build-up due to the water in the pipes.
  3. If you have a generator, run it for 5-10 minutes at least once a week.
  4. Check battery voltages at least once a week and leave the boat connected to the coastline, with the necessary insurance protections available.
  5. Ventilate the boat twice a week, leaving moisture receptors in it.
  6. If there is a maneuvering propeller, run once a week.
  7. Ventilate your sails at least two days a month, which is sunny and windless in winter. Because of the rainwater, the sails in the furling yellow in the lazybag will produce seaweed and bacteria.
  8. Ventilate your warehouses twice a month, remove the supplies and leave them in the sun.
  9. Wash the boat once a week and clean the boards once a month.
  10. At least once a month, tighten lubricant rust remover on coats, boom connection, reels, mapa, crucifixion (WD40). That way they'll be protected from corrosion.
  11. Check your flags once a month. Change your Turkish Flag if it is old or torn.
  12. Check your sintine once a week, if you find water, taste it to see if it's sweet or salty and serve.
  13. Spray your valves with protective spray once a month. This will prevent corrosion and oxidation.
  14. All metal components on the boat, faucets, socket frames, stove, stainless handles etc. Polish once a month. You prevent corrosion.
  15. Run the river at least twice a month for anchoring.
  16. In winter, heat the boat at least once a month, helping to discard the moisture on the boat.
  17. Once a month, take a look at the release stabbings, check the crack and rust.
  18. Check the engine and transmission oil level and color at least 2 times each month. Make a habit of controlling it before every turn.

How to Do Sailing Armada and Mast Maintenance?

What to Do In General Year

  1. Place moisture receptors inside the boat and over time pour the accumulated water into it, refresh.
  2. Wear a cover to protect your crane and rudder.
  3. Keep the electronics' lids closed.
  4. Land the boat every year, make water sandpaper, have it thrown in twice as much poison.
  5. Change the handles on the hull and propeller underwater every year.
  6. Polish your board at least twice a year. If the sailboat is new, do not make cake for at least 3 years, do not make cake and polish with machine.
  7. Have the propeller spray poisonpaint.
  8. Do engine maintenance every 200 hours or once a year. Every year, you have the oil, oil filter, diesel filter and impreller scanned precisely.
  9. Spray the protective spray on your valves and keep them oily.
  10. Check the razor air, replace the ropes if they are old and press the air if necessary.
  11. Replace your seat ropes before they get old, and connect double seat ropes during stormy winter months.
  12. If you're not going to use your boat in winter and summer, remove the ropes and put on a guide. You protect it from the aging of the sun and winter.
  13. Check the engine's antifreeze and refresh it every 2 years, even if it is new.
  14. Care about gelpot shards on the boat, have them repaired and prevent water from flowing to the fiber.
  15. If you don't use your boat in winter, remove and remove your bimini and sprayhood.
  16. Check all groundings, groundlines against lightning, even once a year.

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