Bozcaada Harbour Navigation and Travel Guide

  •  11/01/2019
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Bozcaada is a small but very pleasant island in the north of the Aegean Sea, connected to the Dardanelles. According to official reports, the population is 2700. But on weekends and summers, this population is approaching hundreds of thousands and sometimes there is no room in hotels.

Bozcaada is the third largest island in Turkey and the second largest island in the Aegean after Gokceada. The island has a surface area of 38 km2 and its distance to the nearest shore is 5 kilometers. The island earns its living from fishing, tourism and viticulture.

How to get to Bozcaada

You can take your boat to Bozcaada or by car ferries from Dardanelles/Deer town. During peak times, ferry services are also available from The Dardanelles Center to the island.

Port of Bozcaada

When transported by boat by sea, there is a port or other exchange of shelters on the northeast side of the island. The shelter is closed to the waves of the north winds by its mast in the north, but the northern winds are very effective in the harbor. In addition, on days of harsh northern weather, solugan waves come into the harbor.

The average depth inside the harbor is 4-5 meters. The depth of entry of the port is 10-12 meters. The bottom of the boats connected to the main mast will remain at a depth of 4 meters, but the rock debris just below the concrete mast should be observed. On the inner side of the main mast close to the shore and on the outer most side, rock debris under the mast can damage the machete or release when it is on an abort.

The port is not a housing area capable of hosting more boats. Bozcaada, a stopover for yachts travelling southwards, encounters interest in summer months above the capacity to tie boats. The port is operated by the municipality and in summer, vaults are furnished for comfortable connecting yachts. In winter and off-season, the vaults are removed, so the port can be attached to the aboard or anchored.

The port of Bozcaada is not completely protected despite all weather conditions. Since the eastern end of the mast is open, the whole effect of the wind blowing especially in the east of the sun is effective within the harbor. Since the sunrise wind is not too effective, the negative effect within the harbor is rarely felt.

The waves of ships passing through the canal between Bozcaada and Cape Sand can penerate into the harbor. That's why you have to be prepared. In spite of a wave from the board of sailing yachts to be connected side by side, it is also used to ensure that the sailpoles are bound by a surprising or ass-headed yacht.

In bozcaada port, electricity and water services are provided to yachtsmen. Opet, which is also an oil station on the island, provides fuel service by tanker to the side of the boat in the port, according to demand.

In summer, when heading south by boat or heading north, it can be difficult to find a place in the port during the afternoon hours. We recommend that you call the port authorities in advance before making your route plan. As you can understand from our article, bozcaada port should develop more shelteredly.

I don't want you to feel that our article is quite challenging, it is a port where I have stayed by boat dozens of times and it is a center that I look forward to staying with every time. I've never had any major negativity. All you have to do is be careful.

Entrance to the Port at Night

As with any port entrance, the green and red warning lights are available at the entrance, but as you're used to, you may be surprised when entering the harbor, i.e. giving your banner a green light. Since the tip of the main mast is destroyed, green flashers are placed on the sea, and the red strobe on the pier will remain behind, especially at night, coming down from the north, those who will enter the harbor, mix the lanterns. Attention should be paid to the white strobe with fl W 3S 8M code on the small rocky islet in front of Bozcaada. As you descend from the north, you enter between this strobe and the harbor, strobe in a white color every three seconds and appear from 8 miles away.


Supply of needs

All kinds of needs can be provided in Bozcaada. There is even a market, restaurant, bakery, bakery and a market set up on weekdays. For accommodation, the hotel can easily find a motorcycle for a ride. A place selling boat equipment in Bozcaada has not yet been opened. Some materials can be obtained from the hardware store.

There is only one pharmacy in Bozcaada and there are sometimes no guards left. It can be closed on Sundays. Therefore, it is also useful to inform your needs in advance. There are no hospitals on the island, but there is a health center.

What do you eat in Bozcaada?

In Bozcaada, many delicious appetizers and many delicious appetizers reflecting Greek culture can be eaten. There are also many fish restaurant slots where you can always find their fish fresh. In particular, olive oils are also quite delicious. Apart from eating fish on the island, it is necessary to taste the almond cookie with a drop of gum. Turkish Coffee with gummy drops and gummy ice cream taste another on the island.

Many wine producers, made from grapes made from vineyards on the island, also sell wine. Bozcaada can also be referred to as the birthplace of grapes and wine. Especially bozcaada's sergeant grape is delicious.

Events in Bozcaada

Although Bozcaada is a small island, it is an island where you can find different influences. Especially at the northwest end called Polente, on the hill next to the wind generators, the pleasure of watching the sun set is quite different. From the Ayazma Beaches on the south side of the island, it is also very pleasant to enter the dark waters of the Aegean. Polente Bar, located in the centre on summer evenings, is one of the most frequented resorts of yachts.

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