Boyabag Yacht Travel Guide

  •  17/10/2018
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Karaburun is one of the most untouched districts in Izmir. For many years, a departure, a wide-going road and the difficulty of finding an open area for construction due to the applications of the Site prevented the county from surrendering to wild construction. There are traces of hidden villages of the Aegean all over the world, including the center of Karaburun. Karaburun is still very quiet compared to these regions, although there are raids in districts such as Çeşme and Foça during the summer months. Boyabagbay is one of the best options for going into the sea in Karaburun.

Located on the beach of The Village of Kösedere in Karaburun, the bay is one of the most popular places for those who come to the region with its deep blue, clear, immaculate sea water. The bay, which is reached by crossing a narrow one-lane dirt road surrounded by olive trees on both sides as we move from The Village of Kösedere to Karaburun, is a paradise that is truly hidden.

How is the sea of Boyabagbay?

There's a very narrow coastline right at the bottom of the bay. The coastline is covered with stones. There are more beach chairs on this coastline, where the shade of trees protects them from the sun. Because the beach section is a very narrow line, those who want to enter the sea have to sit next to each other. However, since the bay is not well known, even in the highest season, the crowd is reasonable.

The ground is stony in the first 3 meters of the sea. In the section where the stone fragments are divided, the depth reaches up to 1 meter. After passing this section, a thin sandy area begins that is not too deep. The sandy cut is ideal for children and those who can't swim well. The sheep's shelter was reflected positively in the sea temperature. In Karaburun, where the water is very cold in general, it is difficult to find a warm place in the water.

There's a café on each side of the bay. Koder Cafe, which is run by Köseder Village Association, also serves those who come by tent and caravan. The view of the café is fantastic, the prices are reasonable. On the other side of the bay, the Diver Cafe, which overlooks the sea from the top, has a nice atmosphere. Tea 2 TL, water 1.5 TL, alcoholic beverage sale and grilled food options are also available. It is possible to put the items in both cafes and enter the sea. But Diver Cafe is a little closer to the sea. People who don't want to spend money should go shopping and bring food and drink.


How to get to Boyabag Bay?

Boyabagbay, which is 95 km away from the city center of Izmir, does not come out when searched in navigation. To get to the right spot, you need to mark The Diver Cafe or Koder Cafe. The first step to reaching Boyabag in the direction of Karaburun using çeşme highway or old road from the city center of Izmir. Gulbahce, Balikliova, Mordogan, Funhodja, after passing Kaynarpinar, before coming to Karaburun on the right towards the sea direction, boyabagi beach sign can be seen. There's a parking lot for 20 cars in the part of the one-lane dirt road that runs through the olive groves that goes down to the sea. If there is no room in this parking lot, it can be parked in suitable places along the way.

Those who do not have private vehicles, izmir Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation agency ESHOT's 761 Urla-Karaburun bus to walk to the sea by getting off at the Lower Boyabag stop. In addition, The Trikuyular District Garage and Karaburun minibuses departing from Izmir Bus Station pass through the stem of Boyabagbay.

Boyabagbay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Izmir, is ideal for those who want to spend time alone with nature, away from crowds and noise.

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