Fuel System and Operating Principle in Boats

  •  03/02/2019
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It is usually filled with a lid that is on the deck. It is important that the diesel tank cover on the deck is tightly closed and is not leaking water. Rain and water accumulated on the deck can be mixed into the tank, causing serious problems.

In sailing boats, especially in winter, keeping the tank full prevents the condensation of water bubbles and bacteria from growing. These two factors are the most important causes of fuel contamination. It causes dirt formation, blocking the filters and then the fuel system and preventing fuel flow. whether it's dirt or water that collapses in a still tank. For this reason, the diesel tank output is usually not from the bottom of the tank.

However, despite this prevention, in rough seas, the bottom water or dirt can be absorbed into the tank, absorbed through the diesel outlet, first filters and then into the fuel system, causing blockages and engine stops. That's the reason behind the need to sail and not start engines in heavy seas.

Having a valve at the exit and bottom of the diesel tank is very useful both to cut the flow of diesel during the repair of the engine and to ensure that the dirt and water at the bottom are cleaned when necessary. As with all tanks, the diesel tank must be well ventilated. For detailed cleaning of the diesel tank, which is usually made of chromium, there is a sealed cover mounted on the upper surface, in some cases the removal of this cover and the complete discharge and cleaning of the tank are on the agenda.

The first filter found before coming to the engine from the diesel tank is a paper filter derived from the term separator, commonly mentioned in the market under the brand name Separ. Thanks to this filter, it allows the separation of water mixed into the diesel or condensed over time. Some boats may have one rest tank for this purpose.

After a pump system known as diesel automata, the fuel that passes through a second filter comes to the diesel pump, also known as the injector pump. This pump, which is very difficult to break down and is not able to be repaired by amateurs when it breaks down, works in a sensitive mechanism and is the main unit that allows the injectors to spray and schedule. Injectors are transported to the tank by increasing fuel return from use.

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