Teak wood is derived from some growing teak trees around Endenozya, India and Malaysia in the world. However, teak trees are also grown in Africa. It's a very valuable tree. A teak tree can be cut down in at least 90 years.

Teak is highly resistant to water and weather conditions in terms of its structure. Although it grows in hot climatic conditions, it can easily adapt to cold conditions. Research estimating that teak trees can remain intact in external conditions, such as seawater and sunlight, for 400-500 years. 

Due to its veiny and hard structure, durability, beautiful tone of light brown, and very decorative, boat manufacturers prefer teak wood. The teak, which is used in the yachts, pool areas and preferably on the walkways, provides a very pleasant appearance. 

When the teak is in disrepair, it can't retain its first day's colour. Especially in winter conditions, the color of the teak tree turns gray. Due to its veiny structure, mud, dust and dirt can easily be placed inside the teak tree. In such a case, special cleaners and tics should be cleaned. 

How should teak cleaning be done? 

A teak that has lost its natural color and has lost its gray color can easily be restored with the right cleaning. Many maintenance companies and boat owners try to remove their old color by sanding the grey tics. This application is quite wrong because it thins the teak layer and expands the vessels in the tic, and it is definitely damaging the teak layer. No matter what happens, tics should not be sanded. Considering that the average teak thickness is 10mm, the teak tree will thin after each sanding. 

For teak maintenance, the necessary materials must be prepared first. Teak cleaner, teak polisher (teak brighter), suitable felt, bucket and water are required.

Before starting to apply, the tics should be soaked nicely. The teak cleaner should be applied to the tics with felt, mixed with water to the appropriate extent. Teak surfaces should be washed with water after being cleaned with soft, felt. 

What should be the body material when buying a boat?

Teak cleaning products are acidic. Avoid contact with the hand and eye in particular. I recommend you wear gloves in your hand and use a mask to avoid inhalation if necessary. 

After cleaning the teak surfaces, prepare the same teak polisher product with buckets and apply it to the tics with felt again. You'll see the tics lighten and glow like gold. Teak surfaces, after these operations have been thoroughly washed, i hope you use your glowing tics as the first day on good cruises.