Boat Selection – Zero or Second Hand? Maintenance Times

  •  22/01/2019
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Should I Buy Mass Production or Special Production?

When choosing a boat, another question in each buyer's head is to build a special production boat. In our country, boat production is very advanced and it is possible to build private boats. However, the important thing to remember is that you have a boat that will fully meet your needs.

If you can find a mass-produced boat to meet your needs as a result of your research, you will not need to build a custom-made boat. There are also companies that produce very successful mass production in our country. The special production boat has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Disadvantages of special production boats;

  • You can't predict many of the problems that are likely to happen.
  • Spare parts will be difficult to supply because they are not produced more than the same boat.
  • His cost will be high.
  • There will be no brand and 2. the value of the hand will be quite low. Buyers will not have a reason of choice.
  • The designer is quite important. On the market there are a lot of special production boats whose designers are uncertain and whose ass is sunk, with their heads unbalanced in the air.
  • If you are not familiar with technical matters and you can't do any work, you can't deal with the problems you might encounter on a privately produced boat.

Advantages of mass-produced boats;

  • Spare parts are easy to find.
  • After-sales services can be faster.
  • Purchase costs are lower.
  • The designer is certain, the course has been tested before, etc.
  • It's easier to sell, it's well-known in the market, it's not depreciating.

Should I Buy Zero or Second Hand?

The shortest answer to this question will, of course, be the budget. Of course everyone's mind and dream is to get a boat that's zero. However, it is not necessary to buy zero boats for sailors. In the process of adjusting to the boat, a clean and well-maintained second-hand boat can be purchased for possible damage.

When you buy zero boats, they'll have their shortcomings. Can tuesday, toolkit, safety equipment, outboard engine, life jackets, spare iron, cashews, boats, ropes etc. will probably not be on the boat and you may have to buy.  So when you budget to buy zero boats, you should remember to add them into the budget.

A zero boat will be equipped for at least two years and will be guaranteed to a five-year hull. Consequently, the user shall not incur any charges other than the costs of the error and the annual land maintenance. This is quite a relief for the user.

If an evaluation cannot be made on a second-hand boat with the support of an impartial question, very complex problems may be encountered. The new generation of repair techniques can repair many major damages invisibly with the eye. So it would be quite wrong to buy a second-hand boat with familiar advice and without checking. For example, a small oil leak age in the engine, shear in the windshaft, vibration of the propeller, the osmosis of the body, cracking of empowerment connections, oxidation of electrical equipment, etc. tens of thousands of euros like this can be incurred.

When a second-hand boat is planned to be purchased, checking and reporting with a good inspection will protect your safety at sea and avoid many costs that will come out of your pocket. In the meantime, it should be noted that boats aged 20 years and over will cause many problems regardless.

What are maintenance times and what will be the average costs?

It is sufficient for fiber boats to be brought ashore once a year between three days and ten days and to be maintained. There will be no serious maintenance of the fiber, the toxic dye in the carina will be renewed, the pastry-polish ingredient will be applied to the boards and the handles will be replaced. Looking at the gap in the propeller and checking the transmission system will suffice. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the engine every year in terms of safety.

Boats with an average height of 12 meters and 40 feet cost sour up to TL 11,000 annualmaintenance. It includes periodic maintenance such as landtaking, toxic paint application, engine maintenance. Apart from this cost, there may be many extra costs such as renewal of sails, repair of defective products, etc. In addition, maintenance and control of safety equipment such as life rafts, fire extinguishers, flares and smoke lamps on the boat should be carried out every year. They must be renewed if necessary.

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