Boat Selection – What should be considered when buying a boat?

  •  16/01/2019
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When a boat is decided to buy, there are a thousand kinds of options. First of all, it will not be easy to make the right choice for the right budget and budget. First-time boat owners often listen to the advice of their friends, captains, acquaintances or trusters who own boats around them. But regardless, the user who owns the boat will not be happy without being conscious enough to use the receiver, not the ones who recommend the boat.

When a boat is decided, one of the first questions that comes to mind is whether a new or used boat will be preferred. In addition, the idea of building a boat instead of a zero-model mass production type boat always comes to mind. Of course, the budget is important.

As a Marina Yacht team, let's start shaping what kind of boat you should buy.

Chief Factor Time and Entries

The boat is usually subject to consider who will use it, in which regions it is planned to navigate, how many people can stay in it, the current speed and fuel consumption situation, etc.

If you know the answers to the following questions, you have found the boat you need and you will be close to your decision.

  • Vanity is important to me. I can have my guests on my boat when it comes to work.
  • Speed and time are important, I prefer to go fast to places to go.
  • I don't have a problem with fuel consumption.
  • The high rents for the marina won't be too much of a problem.
  • Captain, I can train the disciples and sailors. They can stay on the boat if necessary.

As the above questions suggest, your boat preference will be a fast motor yacht or a large volume of trawler-style, motorized yacht.

  • If you like to sail quietly.
  • If slow navigation is not important and you are not worried about time for your goals.
  • If you have the energy and the patience to deal with ropes, existing systems.
  • If you prefer to do your own thing more.
  • If you're worried about high fuel and marina fees.
  • If you prefer to make safe and long cruises in strong windy, choppy weather.

As can be seen from the above questions, your preference will be a priority boat sailing. Engine power will remain secondary.

The first choice to be made in the selection of boats is the type of boat as you can see. You should choose from many boats such as open cabin, closed cabin, sailboat, outboard engine, diesel twin engine, small speedboat, motor yacht, etc.

If you are going to use the boat on daily and short cruises and do not have time to spend long periods of time on your boat, you will not need to cover the costs for a large boat. You will also not need a large internal boat. You can get a small motor boat or a small sailboat.

If you have accommodation plans, if you are going to take long cruises, it is right to buy a boat with larger cabins and closed cabins. If you use it for a long time, the boat you buy will cost less for you.

Choosing Your Navigation Zones

Choosing the right boat according to the season and region you plan to cruise will be an important factor for you. If anchoring to shallow areas is planned, it should be emphasized and the right choice should be made, as it will not be with long-raft boats, but also on rough seas, such as boats with low bodosing depth.

In severe weather conditions, on the high seas, if long-distance cruises are planned, a flat-raft yacht would be the best choice. Boat-type sailing boats are least affected by harsh weather and safe. Moving release may be preferable for sailing boats planned to be used in coastal, shallow waters and lakes, but it will be safe to choose a stationary raft sailing boat in the Aegean, Mediterranean and sometimes even on the high seas such as Marmara. It should be noted that sailing boats also have engines.

In the selection of motor boats, it will be important to have a jawed structure in its spine that has an internal mounting engine and acts as an unleashing in place of an external mounted motor instead of an outboard motor for open sea navigation. Boats with six flat, outboard engines will be very challenging in wave and harsh weather conditions.

For the course of the open sea such as the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea;

  • The average cruising speed with the engine should be at least 6.5 knots. In cases such as the Dardanelles crossing, motor support will be at hand if needed.
  • Instead of an outboard motor boat, a boat with an inside mount should definitely be taken. In undulating conditions, outboard motors cannot function.
  • If sailing is planned, fixed-raft boats should be preferred instead of moving release.
  • At least 50 meters chain and 10 meters boat power of 1000 W power is required as mooring and accommodation will be made in the bays.

Before choosing your cruise zones, we recommend that you check out the Marina Yacht Cruise and Travel Guide Section.

What should be the size of the boat?

As we all know, as the length of the boat grows, it will be more comfortable to balance on the high seas. It is certain that large boats crush the waves better and are less affected by the waves. In addition, the interior width, the external volume are the features that increase comfort. In the open sea course, navigating with large boats will increase comfort and comfort, but the large size of the in-marina manoeuvres will force the users. A boat, especially large in height, can be quite challenging to dock in tight spaces within the harbor.

For example, even a 12-metre tall boat can be difficult to dock in the marina. Furthermore, as the size grows, the crew on the boat will have to support the captain. Therefore, it would be more accurate to buy smaller boats until they are used to the choice of large boats instead of in the initial phase.

The general opinion of boat owners in Turkey is that a boat of at least 12 meters will make the user comfortable if the open sea course is planned. It's a partially correct ratio. When you look at the weather, wind and wave conditions in the seas surrounding our country, this dimension will be comfortable. A sea lover who has just started or has just survived his inexperience should have a maximum height of 14 meters.

Boats longer than 14 meters (46 feet) will be more difficult to make, dock. For boats of this size, options such as manoeuvre propellers may be the reason for preference to make the user comfortable.

In short, depending on your budget and experience, it's up to you to choose the length of the boat. But because of your business life, if you don't have much time to spend on your boat, it's not worth costing an unnecessarily oversized boat. As the size of the boat grows, marina fees, annual maintenance etc. will increase proportionately in such costs. If you can use your boat for at least 8 weeks during the year, you will be able to get your money's worth.


Which Document Can I Use?

You can use all kinds of sea freighters with amateur sailor certificate unless the tic is registered. In the waters of our country, this document is required for carrying all kinds of seas over 2.5 meters in length ssailing as Turkish Flags. You can use private boats between 2.5 meters and 24 meters in length with the amateur document in question.

It will not be enough to use commercially registered boats with amateur documents. You must obtain a yacht captain or a sailor's certificate.

In order to obtain an amateur sailor certificate, it is necessary to be successful in the examinations organized by the Port Presidency. You can register online at this address, which is written for exam heads.

What kind of training should I receive?

If you do not have experience in boating and sea conditions, the best way is to get training. Training will not only increase your confidence, but also allow you to prevent possible accidents. The hardest part of using a boat is the docking and separation maneuvers to the narrow marinas. Especially when the wind effect is added, the docking manoeuvre will be very challenging. It should be noted that most accidents occur during in-marina manoeuvres and docking.

So if you get sailing training or if you take it on an engine yacht type boat, if you don't have experience, it's important that you get docking-separation training.

Can I get a Foreign Flag Yekne?

Second-hand boat imports to our country are prohibited by law. In essence, you will not be able to pass a used boat purchased with foreign flags to the Turkish Flag. But for years, besides being turkish-owned, there are thousands of boats and yachts sailing with foreign flags. When zero boats are purchased, it can be documented and legally. However, with the tax cut made at the beginning of 2017, many foreign-flagged boats in our country began to cross the Turkish Flag.

Starting in 2017, we will be happy to see more Turkish flag yachts and boats in our seas.


What security equipment should be taken?

All vehicles at sea must have passed the safety rules set by institutions such as CE and ISO. Gas systems, plumbing pipes, fuel systems and electrical systems used in boats and yachts all pass through safety standards.

In addition, hand-held firecrackers, smoke lamps, smoke lamps, gps, binoculars, life jackets as many as the number of people, children's life jackets, light lifejackets, amateur sailor's handbook, etc. should be kept.


Choosing a Suitable Place in the Marina

Especially new yacht owners and inexperienced boat users, when choosing a place in the marina, the prevailing wind in the current region, should choose to take the rear. In order for the easiest astonal-toning to approach the snow, the prevailing wind must come from the stern. In this way, the boat to throw the starboard or pier under the influence of the wind will be reduced to a minimum.


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