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  •  01/02/2019
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NMEA 0183 / NMEA 2000

I tried to explain simply and briefly without going into too much technical detail what the NMEA 0183 / NMEA 2000 interfaces that we hear and intentionally/unknowingly use are, what is not;

Let's start by saying that the American National Marine Electronics Association set the standard for those who say where this ridiculous name comes from.

The interface called NMEA 0183 is a simple series of communication interfaces with 3-strings similar (even the same!) series of series on computers. can be installed between two devices. to connect more than two devices, transfers are made via devices or dispenser digs called multiplexers can be used. The speed is slow, but for a few device connections this is not a problem. It's a simple, so seamless, reliable system.

The first NMEA 0183 protocol was published in March-1983. His name comes from the year.

The NMEA 2000 is newer, similar to the ETHERNET NETWORK connection on computers, with the daisy chain connection structure and the way many devices are connected to each other as plug-AND-PLAY (plug-and-play) as a network at the same time, speed, physical connection is a more advanced and modern interface with features such as the properties of connected devices making over a separate electrical supply. With the proliferation of electronic devices in boats, can BUS systems used by Bosh in automobiles in the 1980s for both speed and ease of connection were separated from the marine world.

There's no way these two interfaces are directly connected. Separate worlds.
Devices with different interfaces can only communicate with each other via another device or through devices called multiplexers.

Branches scattered through T connectors and devices via The Backbone ,as shown in the picture next to the NMEA 2000 network, terminaleners (terminators), and there are parts from certain points, such as a 12V DC feed input.

Proper planning and installation is important… Especially cable distances, voltage drops, etc. attention must be paid.

And then there are similar interfaces developed by the companies themselves, to connect the customer to themselves in the accessories!
Like Raymarine's SEATALK or SEATALKNG, which is now the same as NMEA 2000, Simrad's SIMNET and The B&G Fastnet interfaces.

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