‘Maldives of Antalya’ Suluada

  •  02/10/2019
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The center of the ‘sea-sand-sun’ trilogy, 210 blue flag beaches on the 640-kilometer coastline, as well as its unique bays and antalya, which hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, holidaymakers’ new route is Suluada off the town of Kumluca Was.
More than 2,000 holidaymakers visit the island by nearly 60 boats every day throughout the summer from other resorts in the region such as Cirali, Olympus and Mavikent, especially Adrasan.


Likened to the Maldives with its two beaches, one 50 meters, the other 120 m white sand and turquoise water, the island impresses those who see it with its views.
Those who go to the island swim on these unique beaches and take pictures in the view of the island.
Holidaymakers who spend hours on the island, swimming under the cliffs in the middle of the island and the other side of the cave, which can be reached and called ‘Cave of Love’ shows great interest.
Tour boats take 15-minute breaks in front of the cave, allowing holidaymakers to take photos.


From a bird’s-eye view, the island resembles a shark and was viewed by a drone. The island, where dozens of boats are anchored, impresses with its appearance as well as its white sandy beaches.


The boats are accompanied by swarms of dolphins from time to time during the Suluada tours, which start at 10.30 and end at 17.00 every day.

In Adrasan, 53 boats connected to the cooperative, as well as 15 free boats in Suluada tour, indicating that the captain of the boat named ‘Ahmet Efe’ Erhan Atici, maldives, said they took more than 2 thousand holidaymakers daily during the season. Schools slowed down with the opening of the island tours in terms of foreign tourists, describing the continuation of the Atici, “The sea is stagnant, because of the hot weather will continue our tours until October 10. Under normal circumstances, we were closing the season on September 10th. This year the season has been extended by one month, “he said.

As long as the weather conditions are right, the tours will continue, describing the Shooter, “The summer season starts on May 15. At the end of October, we will land our boats for maintenance and prepare for the new season.”


Suluada is about 7 kilometers away from Gelidonya Lighthouse Cape, Erhan Atici said, the length of the island is about 1200 meters. Candidate because of the shape of some of the shark, some of the dolphins, who said that the name of erhan Atici, said that the name of the resulting freshwater source.

Emphasizing that fresh water comes out of a point on the east side of the island Shooter, “drinking water is very tasty. The arrivals line up to taste the water. He even fills the water bottles next to them and drinks on the way back. It was determined that the island had detached from the mountain and that the snow water spilt in the mountains through a vein under the sea had reached the island. There is no harm in terms of health, “he said.

Cansu Ozdag, who is on holiday from Ankara with his family, said he admires Suluada. Stating that he came to Suluada many times, Ozdag said, “It’s a great place. I liken it to the Maldives. I come every year. I’ll be back in a year.”

Ezgi Erkan, who said that he came to Suluada for the first time with his wife Ahmet Erkan, said that they took lots of pictures. “I wish I had come before,” erkan said, “The water is very clear. You swim in sparkling water with fish. The seafloor is covered with white stones. The beach is magnificent. I’m sorry to be here for the first time. But now I will come to Suluada every summer, “he said.
Efsun Balkish, who came from Aydin Nazilli, said he was fascinated by the atmosphere of Suluada. “I came here to close the summer season between work. I’ve heard a lot about Suluada’s methin. I wanted to come and see. It’s a beautiful, wonderful place. The water is turquoise blue, very beautiful. The mountain, the sea, it’s all in one. Very peaceful, “he said.
Emine Özdemir, who is vacationing with her friend, said she discovered Suluada both by land and underwater. Özdemir, who stated that he was a diver, said that he had discovered the island’s coast and was fascinated by the beauty of the white sand.


The boat tour, which starts with a small beach at the northern end of the island, continues with the large beach on the west side after a swimming break for about an hour.
Here, after a swimming break for about an hour, visitors take the boat to the south side of the island. Here on the other side of the island in the area of the so-called ‘Cave of Love’ those who want to jump into the sea and swim, can pass under the cliffs to the other side of the island.
The region, which is also fascinated by its visual beauty, welcomes those who come by swimming and wandering from the south of the island. After spending time in the Cave of Love, a bay in the middle of the island is approached and a meal break is taken.
After the meal, another stopising is given to the part that resembles a pool, where the freshwater spring in the northeast part of the island is named. Visitors can drink fresh water, which is zoomed in on rocks up to a few metres.
After a daylong tour around the island, a swimming break is taken at Liman Bay, close to Adrasan, and then returns to the Adrasan coast.
Boat tours are 90 TL per person and lunch, as well as tea and fruit, such as treats are offered.

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