Information About Angling

  •  12/03/2020
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Information About Angling

Especially as a fishing method made by coast and small boats, sedible fishing is quite common. The fishing line consists of a special needle that allows you to catch the fish with a sturdy, nylon-based thin rope, in its simplest form. However, for easier use, advanced fishing rods are produced according to the purpose.

If you need to sort the materials required in angling;

Teloscopic Reed Angling

It is usually the type of fishing used in coastal fishing with horse-check. They are produced telescopicly, a 6-meter-long fishing rod cane can be intertwined for comfortable transport and can be reduced to 1.5 meters long. It also has a motorized and sleeved machine to wrap the line comfortably and without mixing.

The reed fishing is made of a yawnable material and the thinnest part of the top part. When the fish is caught or caught on the hook, the top thin part of the fishing line begins to transmit the movement of the fish by yawning and moving.

Thanks to the length of the fishing reed, it is possible to throw the fishing needle 50-70 meters forward. Of course, there should be enough heavy lead on the end of the fishing line.

Reed Angling Boy Selection

The reed that an amateur fisherman would initially get should be about 3.5 meters in length. More masterfishermen use 4.5 meters as reed saline.

Inseparable duo; Line and Fishing Pin

It is very important that the line is quality in angling. You can break away while fishing on a shoddy or worn-out line over time, and you may be deprived of catching the big fish you dreamed of.

Always be a backup in the line…

Despite any setback, your spare line will prevent your fishing pleasure from being interrupted.

Likewise, the fishing needle is one of the fishing materials you need to carry with redundant materials.

Buoy and Lead

The best thing about fishing is that in some cases you have control. You can also do this with buoys and lead.

It would be a good decision to carry different weights and spare shamans in the structure to fish at the depth you specify. In most cases, lead is needed to balance the float.

For this reason, carrying a lead set of very large size and weight will allow you to enjoy more by leaving control while fishing.

Sweet trap; Plastic Worm and Fake Fish

Fake fish feedis very important for angling.

The material you choose according to the fish type you will hold also changes.

While an average of 10 plastic worms are sufficient in a newly started fishing fishing, adding the fake fish that attracts you even more with its appearance will take you one step further.

Ruffled, Clip and Line Scissors

The frill, which is indispensable for fishing materials, has the task of combining line and other fishing apparatus, such as hoe, fake bait. It also balances the excess load on the line.

The clip used in conjunction with the ruffled provides great convenience in changing feed.

The line clippers are used to rip off the line while preparing the fishing line.  The tool is an important material that must be found in your bag.

In order not to let go of the measure, you will not be able to do so. First Aid Kit and Needle Remover

It’s always important to set out by calculating all possibilities. For this reason, the first aid kit is very important in angling.

Seeing angling as a sporting activity is undoubtedly the most enjoyable dimension to release the fish back into its nature. in order to prevent fish deaths caused by hooks, the needle remover is also one of the materials that should be added to your fishing gear.

Ideal Angling Layout

To prepare an ideal fishing rod, it is important to choose what kind of fish to hunt first. Each fish has a different feed preference, swimming speed and a variety of nutrition. For example, it should be known that fishing will not be possible when the spoon is left fishing to catch the lufer from behind a boat travelling at a speed of 10 knots. The maximum speed of the lufer is between 3-4 knots.

In order to make an ideal fishing rod, the fish should be considered outside the oath, the depth, the current in the region, the thickness of the line, the size of the sprawling, the possibility of involvement in the fishing rod. An ideal hook should be with the sequencing, needles and lead weight ranking.

Horse-Czech Fishing Rod (coastal fishing)

First of all, with this hunting to be done from the coast, istavrit, sardines, bream, black eyes, etc. fish can be caught. It can be done with feed or using a feed-shaped feather. Reed fishing rod, line, leaping and lead is used according to the type of fish.

To hunt small fish such as sardines, isravrit, 0.25 cane, 10 feather burr, angling cane of about 3.5 meters, thin lypble and 25 g lead can be used. Lead up to 50-100 gr2 can be preferred in places where the current is high.

For larger fish such as bream, blackeyes, 0.30 can be used in line, shrimp, chicken breast, sardines. It bounced out the same way and 25 g of lead can be used.

Location Selection

The biggest problem of coastal fishermen is the break of fishing rods as a result of bullets and needles attached to rocks on the sea floor. So you should have more or less ideas about the seabed when it comes to location selection. Likewise, if a horse-check is to be made, a bullet can be used to slow down to the bottom of the sea. The heavy bullet will cause the fishing line to collapse quickly.

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