The Most Beautiful Beaches and Aegean Beaches in the Aegean

  •  25/10/2018
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In summer, everyone's dream is to get away from the working environment and have a nice sea holiday. Even those who don't like swimming start to wonder where the most beautiful sea is and what are the best beaches as the heat subsides. The purpose is mostly not sporting activity, but to enjoy the sea sand and sun; therefore, the most beautiful and cleanest places of the beach are searched and holiday plans are made. Going in and out of the sea, sunbathing, spending a lot of time outdoors is one of the best activities to be held in the summer heat, of course. To do these activities, the majority of places with hot and clean water appear to be on the Aegean coast.

Looking at the Aegean coasts, there are dozens of sandy beaches that are famous on the shores of Izmir, Aydin and Mugla cities and have been invaded, little known or never explored. Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum, Aydin's Kusadasi and Izmir's Çeşme district, which are the first most suitable holiday destinations that come to mind when they are mentioned as summer holidays. The Aegean coasts, where many civilizations live in history, are becoming tourist destinations that stand out today with their historical ruins.

I don't even care about the magnificent beaches, the slender sand, the immaculate water. With its unique tastes, natural beauties and history, the Aegean coast sits among the most beautiful places to holiday. This list comes for those who are planning to holiday in the Aegean this summer… Here are the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Aegean!

The Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the Aegean

? The Source of Turquoise Color on the Aegean Coast: FETHIYE

In fact, although the geographical region of Fethiye is mediterranean, I included it in the list because Mugla is connected to the Aegean and in fact it feels completely that way. The reason is that I love Fethiye… So in this article, even though I'm actually giving false information indirectly, i.e. what to do, i.e. the mediterranean is the continuation of the Aegean, I say.

Fethiye is one of the first places that comes to mind when you say the most beautiful holiday destinations. Because some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey are located here. Especially if you do not want to be dependent on a single beach or the beach in front of the hotel, if you want to swim in different places and sunbathe, there are many places to explore in Fethiye. Ölüdeniz, which once fascinated everyone with its warm and turquoise water, is in Fethiye. Belcekız is one of the aegean beaches very close to, which deepens quickly, with large stones on the ground but with immaculate water.

A little far from the center, the Mediterranean bays, which have become more popular in recent years and whose nature is in no way intact, butterfly valley and Kabak Bay are the most beautiful holiday destinations to explore. It can also be a good idea to camp in these bays as a cheap holiday alternative. A lot of deep blue bays without land transportation by boat tour, immaculate water is always near Fethiye. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable holiday destinations for moving away from stress and resting, perhaps the first one, Fethiye.

Fethiye is one of the places where paragliding people meet. There are many activities in the region such as trekking, horseback riding, sailing, diving, rowing, river tuesday. This is one of the bays that those who enjoy water and nature sports should visit.

Most importantly, it was horse statues. Fethiye, which has hosted different civilizations many times since the 3,000s, has many historical ruins. Lycyans are one of the most popular societies living here today. You've heard of the Lycitary way or the tombs of the Ly's kings. There are many ancient cities around Fethiye, including Telmessos, Kaunos, Kadyanda, Tlos, Pinara, Letoon, Sidyma, Xanths. These are the places that draw a cultural route in the region and which are definitely visited by those who participate in the Lylyian way walk…

? From the Hidden Beauties of Izmir:

First, let's answer the question where Dikili is. Dikili is a tourist district located in the north of Izmir. It is usually a region of summer homes for those living in and around Izmir. For this reason, it is possible to say that there is no bombardment of tourists, families and holiday makers are the majority, and it is one of the quietest holiday destinations.

There is no pile of tourists on the beaches and nightly entertainment venues, yes, but of course there is a mass of tourists coming to Dikili for tourist purposes. Nearby villages, crater lakes, and most importantly, the ancient city of Pergamon, the majority of those who come to see the cultural tourism.  Yes crater lakes… Crater lakes and caves in Denizköy and Stairway are among the most noticeable destinations.

Dikili's b.C. It has a history dating back to 5,000, and therefore, although the region is narrow, there may be many places to visit for those who enjoy cultural excursions. It is known that many historical figures such as Aristotle, Hermos and Alexander live in Dikili. There's even Aristotle Hill in Dikili. And by the way, you can't go back to dikili's magnificent beach without going into the sea. The Dikili coast is also one of the breezy Aegean coasts. It's one of the best places for holidays to relax and relax. And to drink the water of the grove…

? For the Longest Beach on the Aegean Coast: DIDI

Didim is one of the Aegean coastal towns famous for its long sandy beach. Altinkum beach is truly a magnificent place with the cleanest water And slender, tiny sand I've ever seen. The only drawback is that it's usually windy. If you say summer is nothing from the light wind, it may be one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for you, Didim. Besides altinkum beach and the locations along the coastline, there are also historical elements that attract attention in the region.

For example, b.C. History dating back to the 8,000s… There may be many buildings of interest to lovers of history in Didim, home to Persians, Romans and Byzantines. Like the Temple of Apollo… Most importantly, it was horse statues. Built in the 500s, this temple was an important sanctuary, which was considered a center of prophecy during the Persian era. It is still a place of great importance, especially for foreign tourists.

? Having a New Aegean Coast to Go To Every Summer: BODRUM

There's not much left to say about the basement anyway. Bodrum, which has been popular for many years, is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. For some, it is one of the addresses that is not given up with nightlife, resorts and wonderful sea, and for others it is extremely crowded and therefore never properly serviced. The large number of foreign tourists who are only interested in alcohol and nightlife, the resorts are focused entirely on the needs of foreign tourists; Sometimes it off the natives. Nevertheless, those looking for calm and quality can find boutique alternatives in the vicinity of Bodrum.

The most beautiful holiday destinations around Bodrum, Bitez, Silverluk, Turgutreis, Yalikavak, Ortakent, Dovelik are some of the holiday destinations that develop day by day in terms of tourism, especially the boutique hotel culture spread. If you want hot water, chirping streets, if you are not tired of music and mobility, your preference should be on the side of Bodrum center. However, if you say that you want to feel a little more special and have a relaxing holiday, your preference may be in favor of the holiday areas around Bodrum.

World's Second Largest. Underwater Archaeology Museum

If Bodrum is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Aegean, it is not only because of its great beaches. History is also very important. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, built in the name of King Mausolos, took place in Bodrum during its time and was considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Most importantly, it was horse statues. 4. The four most important sculptors of the 20th century worked for this building. However, it is known that the building was destroyed due to earthquakes and invasions and that bodrum castle was built with its stones. Another interesting detail about Bodrum is that Bodrum Castle is now the world's second largest. It serves as an Underwater Archaeological Museum and is the strongest surviving fortress in the Eastern Mediterranean. In short, Bodrum is one of the Aegean beaches that conquers hearts with its history and makes you want to go and see and explore. It is also a destination frequented by those who say, "Let's go and get to the Greek island across the side" with its proximity to the island of Kos…

? Most Esen Aegean Coast: ALAÇATI

Although Alaçatı, a town in Çeşme, has come up with exorbitant prices demanded by boutique hotels and entertainment venues in recent years, it is always one of the most beautiful holiday destinations due to its ambience. Maybe not to go into the sea, but to windsurf in the region, even in Turkey has the most fertile beaches to choose. Alaçatı, which is on the rise with its surfing schools, offers an immaculate beach for those who want to swim, even though the water is cold. Since I am already from Izmir, I am torpedoing Çeşme and declaring this region the region with the cleanest sea in Turkey. But it's not a lie. Only Alaçatı is cold, and the Ilıca coast of Çeşme is for those who love hot water.

Yes, the cleanest and bluest of the Aegean coast, we wouldn't lie in Alaçatı. The clarity of the water can impress you. And of course we can say the "windiest" of the region… In the evening, there are nightclubs and restaurants that are both very lively and very stylish to go to in the vicinity. go to clubs or bars, hang out in stylish restaurants in Alaçatı Port or sit at the tiny tables of fish bakers in the bazaar… Here you can surely find an alternative to your style.

Alaçatı antique market, antique shops and famous stone houses are among the places to visit in the bazaar. The most famous event in the region is the Alaçatı Weed Festival. Dozens or even hundreds of vegetables of the Aegean – even if you miss the festival – can be found in the weekend market in Alaçatı. Meeting point on the Aegean coast for lovers of windsurfing, stone houses, stylish places and vegetable dishes, Alaçatı.

? An Ice-Clean Aegean Coast: AYVALIK

Ayvalik town in Balikesir is one of the most suitable holiday destinations for those who want to go to sea and sunbathe all day long. Because this place is famous for its Garlic Beach. Especially cold-water lovers need to go. I think the most interesting thing about Ayvalik is that there are 22 islands connected to it. Cunda Island and Alibey Island are two of the most important destinations for marine tourism. The remains of lava called The Devil's Table, which is believed to have the devil's footprint, is also one of the places in Ayvalik that attracts a lot of tourists and fascinates them with its scenery.

There are many churches, mosques and various historical ruins that can be visited in winter in the region. Camel wrestling is also one of the activities that can be attended in winter. With an international music school, a centre for people with disabilities waiting to open up to the world, and educational institutions near the region, it is possible to say that it is not only a holiday destination, but also a highly developed district. Ayvalik is one of the most interesting settlements from the Aegean coast, but with its historical ruins and culture. If you go, do not return without eating ayvalik toast…


BONUS: One of the Sweetest Villages in the Aegean

Our next destination is not on the coast, but it has a history and nature like a mist. And it is located on the Aegean coast, although not exactly seashore, not a lie… 🙂 If you say, "If it's not a sea holiday, I want to get away from the city a little bit," Birgi is just one of the squishy Aegean villages you're looking for and is a candidate for being one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for those looking for tranquility.

Birgi is one of the tourist towns in Izmir's Odemis district. Thanks to its natural beauty and history, it was added to the Unesco World Heritage Temporary List in 2012. In fact, birgi was one of those towns that didn't live in that neighborhood or have never heard of anyone who's never been there before. With the introduction of UNESCO, the necessary attention began to be given. There are many historical remains to visit in Birgi, where phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans and, most recently, Ottomans. Cakirga Mansion, Birgi Walls, Grand Mosque, Aydınoğlu Bath are just a few of them.

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